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Erez Adani – Engel Investor – Real Estate

A fast-growing startup company is impossible to ignore. Like every other market, young startup and seed-stage startups and teams that are trying to get seed and growth capital are  Facing the natural challenges of funding and smart money needs. When EREZ ADANI ENGEL INVESTOR / REAL ESTATE expended is an investment portfolio started giving alternatives, when banks and typical investment firms aren’t the best answer for a startup’s financial needs. In this kind of environment, EREZ ADANI gives an alternative, the “smartest” money an entrepreneur could only get from friends and family. Entrepreneurs will see the silver lining once an investor knows the hardship, challenges, and risk of starting a startup, and yet trusts in the team and invests. EREZ ADANI is not just called angel investors he is one.

With all the hype and activity going on in this sector, EREZ ADANI Founded his Angels fund with its partners and leading VC which invested in different areas around the world in the biggest startups some with startup accelerator and some in seed-stage startups and 1st round investments, to every startup in Europ and the Us .

from EREZ ADANI copartners and workers Starting a VC requires a lot of capital. I was really interested in small startups. and had to build a portfolio with other angel investors and VCs that led to the creation of my angel investors group.

If you have a STARTUP that will make a change in the world EREZ ADANI  – VC  / angel is the investor for you.


 Stages: startup, Pre-seed/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Sales, Break Even, Profitable, Other

 Real estate, Software, Media, Business Services, Finance, Manufacturing & Engineering, Energy & Natural Resources, Property, Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars, Products & Inventions, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Fashion, Technology, Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Leisure, Personal Services, industries education, Medical & Sciences, Transportation.

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