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Miami Entrepreneur Nate Zale Helps 1000+ Realtors Generate $23.2 Million Total GCI

Making a career in the highly lucrative real estate industry is the desire of every passionate individual with excellent communication and customer dealing skills. But to become a successful realtor demands more commitment now, as, in Nov 2020, there were 106,548 registered real estate brokerage agencies in America. The number of realtors working independently is much higher. Earlier it was much more uncomplicated to thrive as a real estate professional, but like any other industry; Real Estate Business was also affected by technological advancements.

The competition is now more challenging than ever it was. In this highly competitive real estate world, Zale Media has helped 1000 plus realtors capture a huge share of profits from their local market with its efficient marketing system. The statistic published by the leading tech-enabled digital marketing agency that the realtors on board with the corporation generated a collective $23.2 million gross income commission (GCI). GCI is an industry-wide accepted parameter for success for real estate professionals, and the realtors who leveraged Zale Media’s patented client acquisition system succeeded in obtaining huge volumes of GCI for themselves.

Zale Media, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is on a mission to help every real estate agent get access to new clients and become an acclaimed agent in their region. To realize this dream, Nathan Zale, CEO of Zale Media, rolled out a system that assists agents in streamlining their client management process, discovering new convertible leads, and scheduling quick appointments with new prospects to expand their client base. 

From firsthand knowledge of the real estate industry and the system that empowered him to take his real estate agency to new heights of success, he built The Celebrity Agent.™  The versatile client acquisition tool helps real estate agents reduce the sales cycle, cut down associated costs, and close more deals in a limited time frame. The system is power-packed with exceptional features that integrate all aspects of client-finding and retention, and the agents just have to focus on dealing with the appointment, avoiding the exhaustive process of lead nurturing.

The Celebrity Agent is a state-of-the-art platform that works in multiple steps with an end goal to connect real estate agents with suitable local clients. The system is embedded with In-Market Prospect Latching Technology that seeks clients who have a recent history of looking for a realtor and follow them on multiple channels and present the real estate agent as a dedicated and efficient one to drive them to book an appointment with the agent.

The inbuilt appointment system allows the agent to manage their time effectively. The system will use all relevant channels and display the realtor’s professional assets to instill trust during the sales process. The agents get lifetime access to this highly productive system and come with a money-back guarantee if a realtor cannot secure a deal shortly after signing up on the system. To know more about the company and demo session of the system, visit Zale Media’s official web page. Don’t forget to hit the resource section filled with valuable information handbooks for real estate professionals.

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