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Michael Ligon; Crushing The Miami Real Estate Game

The Ligon Brothers are Miami’s Top Entrepreneurs to follow in 2021

If you’re a Florida resident and you’re real estate savvy, you’ve definitely hear of The Ligon Brothers

The Ligon Brothers (Michael & David Ligon) are award-winning real estate coaches, wealth creation specialists, and real estate investors. As real estate coaches They developed LYNK Real Estate and created the Real Estate Connector Method and The MLS Digital Flipping Method each being a unique system for real estate investing. 

The Ligon Brothers | @ligonbrothers

The Ligon Brothers own and operate The Ligon Group, one of Florida’s largest real estate investment firms. They also have offices in west Tennessee and east Texas. They’ve flipped over a thousand houses and have more than fifteen years of investing experience. Because of their continued contributions into the field of real estate investing they have been recognized and routinely awarded by one the Nation’s Top Real Estate Investing Associations. 

Michael Ligon | @mikecligon

Michael Ligon is a celebrated member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council and recently joined The Entrepreneur Leadership Council as an expert panel advisor and contributor to

As a Mentor and Expert Advisor, I’m happy to provide my knowledge and insight to un and coming entrepreneurs and would-be real estate investors. It’s my hopes that my contributions to Forbes and will help guide a new generation of successful entrepreneurs  in their journey to becoming financially secure.”  – Michael Ligon | @mikecligon

Not only is Michael an award-winning real estate coach and business builder, in his personal life he’s also an avid self defense practitioner, NRA range safety officer, tactical firearm specialists and martial artist. His primary discipline being Filipino Kali instructed under Sifu Courtney White of Miami’s Hybrid Martial Arts. He’s often quoted for saying “To be truly successful you need to cover the Five “F’s” Faith, Family, Fitness and Financial Freedom”. And nothing beats real estate when it comes to financial freedom. We’ve all heard the statistic that 90% of the world millionaires made their money in real estate. So how do you get started?

How to Become a Real Estate Investor

If you’re looking for Expert Authorities in all aspects of real estate investing, look no further than Michael and David Ligon.  The Ligon Brothers created a special unique way to begin investing in real estate called LYNK Wholesaling. They created this method as a way to allow people to invest that have no prior experience in real estate investing. According to their book, LYNK Wholesaling; The Real Estate Connector Method, (available on Amazon) all you need is a laptop and cell phone to being investing in real estate. It may sound to good to be true, but according to numerous success stories it the real deal. Not only did they create this method and write a book detailing exactly how to duplicate their success, they also teach this method in a video training format in their online training center LigonU. It’s highly recommended that if you have no experience and no capital to invest, you start with investing with the LYNK Wholesaling method.

 In addition to their real estate investing courses and programs they are currently working on a brand new course due out later this year. To keep up to date with all that the Ligon Brothers have to offer, follow them on social media @LigonBrothers and visit them online “LigonBrothers”

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