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3 Ways To Manage Stress by Kerri Wright Deitsch

Stress is a natural and a very normal feeling of not being able to deal with a specific problem or event. However, if a person does not take major steps to manage it stress can become a chronic condition. In fact, more than 70% of adults in the US say they feel anxiety or stress on a regular basis. So, stress and anxiety are pretty common experiences for most adults. There are many things that can trigger stress such as work, financial pressure, relationships and many more situations, but you must recognize your trigger and take steps to reduce the stress from your daily life.

Here are 4 simple ways that Kerri Wright Deitsch takes to relieve stress and anxiety, she is an Attorney who works full-time as a West Palm Beach Attorney in Florida.

#1 Exercise 

Exercise is one of the easiest and most important ways to combat stress. By exercising you put physical stress on your body and in exchange it can help you relieve your mental stress. Its effect is most beneficial when you exercise regularly people who exercise on daily basis are less likely to experience any sort of stress or anxiety than those who don’t exercise regularly.

Kerri Wright Deitsch is a roller-skating enthusiast and spends her spare time roller skating to stay fit and remain stress-free. Despite Kerri Wright Deitsch working full-time as a West Palm Beach Attorney, she loves to go out with her friends to skate and have a stress-relieving moment.

There are a few reasons that explain how exercise help reduce stress. Exercise helps release endorphins in your body, it is a hormone that improves your mood and it also lowers your body’s cortisol level which is a stress hormone. Exercising regularly improves your sleep quality and as you get in a good shape you may also feel more healthy and confident, which leads to mental wellbeing.

#2 Make time for Hobbies 

As professional workers around the world feel like they are out of time, most are giving up on their hobbies that matter to them and get caught in a situation that causes them mental stress. But Kerri Wright Deitsch West Palm Attorney makes time for her hobbies, she likes roller skating and whenever she feels like work-related stress is getting one over on her, Kerri Wright Deitsch takes her roller skates and go out for while. She sets aside time for things she enjoy and everyone should do the same. You don’t have to make up a ton of time just try to do something that makes you feel good for only 15 to 20 minutes and it will surely help relieve your stress.

#3 Spend time with Friends & Family

Spending time with friends or family can help you get out of stressful times and being part of a supportive network gives you a sense of belonging which can help you overcome tough times better. People with the fewest social connections are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than people who have a wide and supportive friend circle.

Kerri Wright Deitsch makes sure that she spends quality time with her friends and family and she recommends everyone to do it. Keep in mind that having friendships is beneficial for both women and men. In fact, keeping healthy friendships is shown to increase lifetime longevity more than daily plates of broccoli!

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