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Azazel The Marine: Has New Projects On The Way

We had an amazing time interviewing Azazel The Marine. We had a chance to catch up on some new details in regards to his brand. Check out what he had to say.

Interviewer: So Azazel, what projects are you currently working on right now?

Azazel: After the release of my EP I have started to work on a collaborative project with some independent artists.  It’s been in the making for the last few months   and got pushed back but we got everything in order to do a summer drop in 2021. I’ll most likely drop a bunch of singles before I put out another full length album. I plan to create visuals to a couple of my hit singles. I hope to expand my brand more by creating more merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, hats and lighters. 

Interviewer: Wow, Okay ! Super dope. We are looking forward to the new content.. Who inspires you to create? 

Azazel:  I’m a big fan of Tupac and Biggie. I appreciate the golden era of HipHop more than anything. Big L is one of the most underrated rappers who ever lived. Lyrically content and originality is the best form of hip hop. 

Interviewer: Tupac and Biggie ! 2 legends that are definite pioneers of Hip Hop… What made you want to actually pursue music as a career? 

Azazel:  I started doing music to help with my ptsd. I do music because I need to not for fame or money.

Interviewer: We appreciate your service in the military ! Glad to see you utilizing that obstacle to create something great. 

Azazel: For sure ! Thank you.

Interviewer: If You could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why? 

Azazel: I would collaborate with Eminem because in my opinion he is an all around great artist. 

Interviewer: Definitely. Eminem is one of my favorites as well. I don’t want to hold you. We know you are very busy…. So my last question is what are your goals for this coming year?

Azazel:  I’m shooting scenes for my second Netflix film. I was blessed to play a part. After we drop this collaboration album I’ll be working on my next solo project. 

Interviewer: Wow ! That’s major congrats on that. That’s a great accomplishment.

Azazel: Thank you, thank you!

Interviewer: Well there you have it. Make sure you tune into Azazel’s content and keep up with his new releases and new projects. It was nice catching up with you again ! We will be on the lookout for your new content. 

Azazel: Thank you. I appreciate you. 




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