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What do high-paid celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad”, the singer Becky G, journalist Ismael Cala, prominent Luis Chataing, and actress Lis Vega have in common?  

Well, they share a taste for the acclaimed cocktails of the multi-award-winning Mixologist Carlos F Ruiz, better known on social networks as @cocktailsbyc, who has shared the best-kept secrets of celebrities and their most exquisite tastes.

Born in Lima Peru and established in New Jersey at the age of 8, Carlos has quickly become one of the most dynamic and innovative cocktail creators in the world.

To date, he has garnered more than 25 international awards that have positioned him as “Mixologist of the Year” by the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, the Bar Brag competition at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC, winner of the Iron Shaker, the “Beat it Rummy ”by Sailor Jerry, in New Jersey and Washington, DC, the Mediterranean-inspired cocktail competition in Ibiza, the Herradura Tequila Legends in Mexico, the Sherry Cocktail contest in Barcelona, ​​and many more in the United States.

The cocktail recipes that Carlos makes while dancing on social networks and his platform @stickycounters made him a viral sensation in the midst of the pandemic by being shared by Hollywood stars, singers, and renowned figures.

Like other prominent Latino immigrants in various areas, Ruiz started from scratch and is helping to forge the history of the United States with his fusions of elements in his cocktails that highlight his Latin roots such as chicha morada, passion fruit, guava, mango, chili, corn, and spirits such as tequila, pisco, mezcal, and rum.

Currently, he works as a consultant for various brands, virtual cocktail classes, spirits educator, cocktails creator for restaurants as well as a specialist in agave, tequila representing the most important brands in the industry.

Carlos recently launched a show called Eighty-Six, a well-known term for describing when “you are out” in the hospitality industry, where 2 mixologists compete for bragging rights and a cash prize of $500 dollars. They have 30 minutes to create one winning cocktail from scratch using two out of the three secret ingredients in the basket. They also have a pantry available that has produce, baking goods, and tools. Participants are judged on presentation, story, taste, and best use of the secret ingredients, where Carlos is the main host, and the show is available on the “Sticky Counters” page on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram

To learn more about Carlos Ruiz and his passion for Mixology follow him at @cocktailsbyc @stickycounters


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