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Dine, Drink and Dance the Night Away at Alexander Ghislain and Logan Maggio’s RASPOUTINE Miami

Written In Partnership With Darby Jones

Though fresh restaurants and nightlife venues seem to debut and disappear with rapid
prevalence, seldom do ambitious dual-concept approaches enter the bustling hospitality
scene with the same frequency. Always striving for excellence, international hotspot
RASPOUTINE is now looking to take Miami nightlife to the next level with its unique
fine-dining-turned-nightclub dual-concept establishment, with partners Alexander
Ghislain and Logan Maggio adding a welcome twist to the South Floridian world of

Originally founded in Paris in 1965, RASPOUTINE has since exploded into a global
phenomenon over the past decades for its rich blend of Russian-red decor with French
standards of quality and decadence. Once Maggio and Ghislain took control of the

nightlife empire’s helm in 2016, the duo had big plans in store for RASPOUTINE,
opening up locations in Rome, Los Angeles, Dubai, and, now, Miami.

“RASPOUTINE Miami felt like the perfect opportunity to bring our brand to a new city
that also aligned with the ambiance and energy of the type of venue that we specialize
in,” said Ghislain. “We look forward to providing Miami with a new nightlife destination
that resonates with the pace and energy of the city, but offers a new and different style.”
Starting off the evening with a high-end dinner service filled with caviar, foie gras and
the finest selections from Gallic and Slavin cuisine, RASPOUTINE comes to life after
midnight when it turns into a full-scale nightclub. Featuring beats from the globe’s
hottest deep-house DJs, a carefully curated beverage program filled with French
champagnes and Russian vodkas, and intimate dark red decor throughout,
RASPOUTINE’s one-of-a-kind approach has solidified its reputation as one of Miami’s
most happening places to dine, drink and dance the night away.

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