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FARGOWRLD444 & Finesse God Cruise In An «AVENTADOR»

From Silver Spring to Los Angeles, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist FARGO444 pair up with rapper Finesse God for their latest wavy single, «AVENTADOR.

The American, African, and French rapper grew up in Africa and Europe, then moved to Los Angeles in 2020. FARGO444 was one of the earliest friends and collaborators of the late, great, platinum-selling artist, XXXTENTACION. Having built a reputation for himself through his meaningful hits, unforgettable house parties, and constant work ethic, it’s safe to say that FARGO444’s career is truly reaching new heights. 

FARGO444 recently teamed up with rapper and recording artist Finesse God for their newest hit, «AVENTADOR,» which waves through our speakers with the utmost poise and confidence. Both artists offer a brilliant and soul-soothing performance that keeps our ears hooked onto the song’s intoxicating energy. 

Expanding on the new release, «AVENTADOR,» the track opens with soft, soothing pads that float in from the background. As the warm and mellow hip-hop beat begins to wash our speakers in a smooth ambiance, FARGO444 makes his way in and begins to expand on staying persistent with his goals in life and the dedication it takes to reach his destiny. 

Listening to Finesse God’s verse, he switches up the vibe with his bright vocal appearance and modern autotune that reminds us of acts like Lil Yachty. We adore the contrast between both performances at hand; FARGO444 and Finesse God makes it easy to lock our undivided attention onto this dreamy, inspirational, and wavy new tune. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that «AVENTADOR» is food for the soul. 

Catch FARGO444 and Finesse God’s new single, «AVENTADOR,» on all digital streaming platforms. 


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