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Favio premieres his first new English fusion song «What if it’s love» with singer Dominique Vasquez

Las Vegas, Nevada.-The Cuban singer Favio premiered his new single «What if it’s love» together with singer Dominique Vásquez, Latin American artist in who primarily records in English. Offering a Spanish/English fusion song continues to expand his fanbase not only in the United States but in Latin America and Europe.

«What if it’s love» tells the story of feelings that two people share but don’t dare say out loud because they question if it truly is love or not. «I have waited so long for you that I still do not think you are here, if it is a dream I do not want to wake up I wonder if you feel the same», are a few of the lyrics.

The song was produced by label America Riviera Records under the direction of producer, Hugo Castillo.

Favio stated that this song is very important to him because it is his first song in English, one more personal challenge fulfilled. This is breaking barriers in his career and continues to expand his audience now to English speaking listeners.

Favio, also the singer/songwriter of «Báilalo» is positioned on all digital platforms under the name
“Favio” as his artist name. In addition, each of the singles are part of the Cuban Artist’s first album, which is expected to be released very soon. Favio recently released his music video of «Báilalo» which has caused a frenzy on social media platforms where fans have been posting videos of themselves performing the #BáilaloChallenge. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, he is happy to bring joy amid so much suffering to his followers and the world in general.

“I am very happy for this production and grateful to have worked with an incredible team”, said the “Con la Frente al Alto” artist.The singer- songwriter hopes that «What if it’s love» will cause euphoria in Latin and American audiences.

The song is now available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, & Amazon Music

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