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Foreign singers Amaro The Kid and Ehzer release new song titled Money

The Mexican rapper Ehzer and the Venezuelan Amaro The Kid, both are based in the United States, exactly in the area of Baltimore, Maryland.

 «Money», was born in the house of their music producer, Ehzer tells us that he tried to capture in the song the need of the world to want to do anything to get money and Amaro expressed himself by singing a little about his career as an artist, remembering when he was in Venezuela with no audience and no money.
«I always thought my life was going to change, yesterday I was in Venezuela with no audience and no money, today I’m in the United States giving it all to get ahead,» he said.

This single was recorded in Atlanta and is under the production of @cullensongroovy, with an interpretation between Ehzer’s English that has influences from American rap like «Travis Scott» and Amaro The kid’s Spanish whose influences come from Venezuelan Trap.

Audiovisual production:
The filming took place in several states of the United States and a large part was filmed in Virginia in a live show where both debuted, this production was made by a Bolivian audiovisual producer.

Lost Crew:

Both exponents have been working for a long time and during that long period they discovered the excellent combination they made together, mixing their cultures, jargons, styles and musical rhythms, this has had good receptivity and acceptance by the public and product of this good result they have decided to create a musical group called «Lost Crew».

«We met through our barber, he introduced my music to Ehzer and contacted me to go to a show, after that came everything else, the recordings, the trips, the show, something really incredible,» said Amaro.

Under this name they plan to identify their future musical and audiovisual works, more than a crew or a work team they plan to expand into an independent record label, with the intention of recruiting emerging artists in the future, but not just any artist, but emigrants in the United States like them.

Since from their own experience they know how difficult it is to enter a music market as demanding as the U.S. and with this project they intend to promote more Urban culture in the Spanish-speaking either in its derivatives, Hiphop, Rap, Trap, Drill.

«Money» will be available in all stores and digital platforms and already has a video on Youtube:  Amaro The Kid, Ehzer – Money (Official Video) [Prod. By CullenSoGroovy] – YouTube

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