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Jason Draizin Delivers America Its First Marijuana Doctor Directory

Jason Draizin is the owner and CEO of, a one-stop shop for consumers to discover marijuana laws, how to identify prescribing medical professionals, and how to stay abreast of

 the latest scientific research in the marijuana space me.  How did he get here?

Well, after finishing school, he tired quickly from jobs in traditional sectors such as commercial real estate. He always had a knack instead for big picture ideas in emerging new markets.

When in LA working for various pre-ICO companies in the LA area, he came into direct contact with the burgeoning cannabis market. There, he began to take a serious look at the legal constraints that prevented showcasing and publicizing of marijuana and how this stifled the market’s growth.

Draizin set out to solve for the issues he flagged through his platform, which enables consumers to learn how to acquire marijuana in the 36 states where it is legal, helps navigate them to prescribing doctors in their area, and helps doctors orient themselves to demand influxes and grow supplemental revenue streams.

Marijuana Doctors has now been materializing for 10 years, and now has more than 1,000,000 qualified

 patients that see his site routinely each month. It was placed among the top 100 marijuana blogs by Feedspot in 2020. has the legal capability to advertise to a public crowd, provide distribution services in certain states where it is lawful, and furnish telehealth services between doctors and patients. ” A conclusive goal is for people to recognize marijuana, and also to continue defining understanding while concurrently having the option to offer cannabis straight off the website, based off the strain and also clinical problems a purchaser may be experiencing.” states Draizin.  Although at present Draizin lives in Miami, he routinely goes back and forth between New York and also California to ensure his ventures are running quickly. Draizin intends to teach individuals about then advantages of marijuana, as well as have his website be the very best choice when a new person is hoping to check whether cannabis is the right alternative service for their illness.

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