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Pop star Van Hechter on filming videos in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for upcoming EPs!

Last year he surprised the USA by generating 2 #1 songs in the underground of NYC, Chicago, Hollywood and Phoenix. In a very short lapse of time he’s managed to become a reference in fashion, male charm and sex-appeal… His name is Van Hechter, and we just caught up with him…

CM: What are you doing in Florida?

VH: Filming 2 videos, one with Chauncey Dandridge with who I am launching 3 duets for Pride NYC 2022, one with Villagomez. I also have a small nightclub appearance with Chauncey on March 26th at Eagle Fort Lauderdale, at 5pm… Aside from that; enjoying the sun!

CM: How is your friend Chauncey Dandridge- is he still the resident DJ at The Stonewall Inn ?

VH: Yes he is! I think Stonewall wouldn’t be the same without him! He’s great. He’s going to DJ at Eagle for »Bears In The Alley» in Fort Lauderdale next Saturday, March 26th plus he’ll perform!!! I mean; he’s so involved. I respect his activism- admire his stamina. He’s always out there!

CM: Who is Villagomez?

VH: The coolest most talented new producer/musician the world has yet to discover! Seriously- making songs with him is life changing. It’s very very hard work but the tunes make me cry. I can’t wait to release our EP, on June 16th!

CM: And what about Eryck Wyseman— is he still an associate (see— I remember what you told us last time)?

VH: I am making an album with Eryck – and I’m pleased that you remembered- we are thinking of releasing it in November! With Eryck it’s become easy, organic- like an old married couple hahahahah; sometimes no need to talk- all is understood!

CM: Who is filming these videos and where?

VH: Gio— the one and only— from Gio Photography! INSTANT BOND! I love the guy. We are doing one on a boat in Miami and the second happens at The Big Coconut Guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale- a place I love- David Medici, the owner, has become a friend over the years- love him.

CM: Still in love with Florida?

VH: How can I not be- I was conceived here. And I was a love child. I always come back here to recollect!

CM: What’s the title of your next single— the one that comes out in early June?

VH: Miami!!

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