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Pop Star Van Hechter Opens up And Goes Personal

With 2 very popular videos shot in Florida »Love Elastic» and »I Am», Van Hechter has become somewhat of a worldwide ambassador for Miami and Fort Lauderdale beaches- as a result we’ve developed a crush on him… Here’s our latest chat with the coolest modern day dandy we know…

Miami Celebrities; Your single »Love Elastic» will reach 1M listens in days- perhaps not billions yet but you’re doing well… And your new single »I Am» is climbing radio charts all over the US; how do you feel?

Van Hechter; I feel like I need to do even better!!! At the same time I know my audience is growing and I am very grateful.

MC; We’ve covered you before. Now we want to get personal…

VH; Oh dear…

MC; In the song »I Am» you say; »I am a bit vicious»…

VH; »When someone tries to hurt me of this I am conscious»… Not the nicest feature but it’s true. I NEVER attack and I try to be a good person. But if you cross, betray or knowingly hurt me I can become very cruel. I won’t even let you know I’m out to get you- I’ll strike when you don’t expect it. It’s not very gracious- but I’m a survivor and survivors have— mechanisms…

MC; You also say you are »full of love, full of life, everything is music»…

VH; Yes- music is my everything. It always has been. One day if I quit this business, either because I am forced to or from not having new ideas, I will remember these years— now— as some of the most magical of my life…

MC; What else interests you?

VH; Humans! I love men, women, non-gender people whose identity I don’t grasp because the names have gotten so complicated. I just like folks!

MC; What attracts you to a woman?

VH; My mother. I do shows alone but when it’s possible I go onstage with Vanettes (basically glamour girls who add spice to my act)… After a while I realized that I kept hiring the same kind of girl; gorgeous, stylish, extremely intelligent and tortured. That’s my mom! There’s still a little boy in me- in love with his mother…

MC; What attracts you to a man?

VH; Physical power— it always impresses me when a guy can lift with one finger, what I couldn’t with 2 arms… And— camaraderie… That non-spoken thing you get with buddies- you don’t need to explain everything. You just feel it and move on. Sometimes conflicts are resolved with just a wink… I love that.

MC; What are you’re favorite traits in a human being?

VH; Humor, a sense of absurdity, optimism mixed in with a dose of irony, benevolence, self-deprecation.

MC; What are your least favorite traits in a human being?

VH; Greed, obliviousness, entitlement, a lack of humor and silliness.

MC; Is it true that you talk to the homeless?

VH; Yes. Almost each one I come across. Some become buddies. I like to engage with them. Sometimes they have fascinating stories to tell.

MC; What’s next??

VH; On July 4th I am launching a duet with Stonewall Inn resident DJ Chauncey Dandridge entitled »The Delight»… I will perform in NYC for Labor Day, Halloween and NYE. I have a regular gig in Montreal throughout the summer- you can catch me singing in art galleries on Saturday evenings if you should ever visit! Other than that I will keep promoting my »Love Elastic» album start working on the next EP.

MC; Van— always a pleasure!

VH; Please- pleasure is mine!

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