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Roytan RB : Behind The Music

Gabriel Hernandez Coriano A.K.A «Roytan» is a rapper born in Caguas, Puerto Rico on May 11, 2001, he began his career as an artist at the beginning of his youth as he was studying in high school, after the release of his songs at the beginning of his career, his passion for production grew and he began to be a producer of his own songs, in Puerto Rico he developed as an artist and producer but then he moved to New Orleans Louisiana where he began to shape his career as a producer, recording artists from the southern part of the United States. He is highly known for sharing his passion helping other artists to conclude in an excellent musical product complementing all this for his ability to develop high-class musical productions, roytan is an independent artist who is always looking for good opportunities for himself and partners in the industry. His followers know him as a versatile and enterprising musical figure without forgetting that his great personality intrigues people to keep an eye on his content.

Roytan was disconnected from social networks for a while to shape his new projects , a segment where he shares the creation of his projects in the music studio in order to show others how he works behind the scenes with the fact of educating others or entertain with good music and content.

He has also been working with musical albums together with «Zevere beatz» Roytan’s musical and personal colleague, in these albums that have not been released yet but official sources say that it comes with drill and trap songs produced by both colleagues, the product is compromising, since these songs come with different styles of high quality, let’s remember that roytan is an artist who works with people of different nationalities and that puts him in a better point of view.

Roytan does not forget his roots for that reason he let it be known through his social networks that he will come out with a song called «rolling dice» a drill recorded in the Sabarona neighborhood of Caguas, Puerto Rico. production that notes real life events on a common day in a neighborhood in Puerto Rico. Within all this, Roytan is an artist who maintains good morals and a good relationship with his viewers, since he thanks them for being part of all his processes in music.

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