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The Benji Show Seen with Adin Ross in Miami…Collab on The Way?! 

Hailing from Miami, Florida..Benji started Tiktok at the tender young age of 16 years old. In three short years , he amassed over 6 million followers. His likability and comedic timing has brought him a long way. . 

His tiktoks are relatable and cover the different dynamics between people and relationships. He has created a steady fan base by posting authentic content, unlike other creators who only follow the trends . His goal is to utilize his platform to support himself in trying new endeavors like podcasting. 

Many people don’t realize that Benji also creates Youtube videos which are a longer form of content than his tiktoks. He would love to become a full-time actor in the future. 

Benji is off to a great start by knowing and collaborating with celebrities like Adin Ross. 

The people he really looks up to and draws inspiration from are his dad and the one and only soccer player Messi. Lastly he grew up watching “Sidemen” which encouraged him to start his youtube channel. 

His most viral content includes: 

Thanksgiving clapbacks which garnered 25Million views and started a trend which then led him gaining 600,000 followers in two weeks. 

There is alot more to come for young Benji. 

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