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These are the best cities for young people to live in

The age of 20 is one of the most desirable ages, since it becomes one of the points in life in which relevant decisions have to be made.

Among the most decisive decisions for people, especially at this age, is to choose the city where you will live during your university or work project.

Therefore, today we present some of the best cities in the world to live in in your 20s.

San Francisco

The Golden City scores well for rental prices. With an average one-bed apartment costing £2,173 per month, just 36% of the city’s overall average monthly salary of £5,955.

According to the scale, transport is also good value: a trip on the famous streetcar should only cost you £2.27.

The city has a fantastic nightlife. It is known for being incredibly inclusive, welcoming people of all backgrounds, races and sexualities to call it home.

Out of a total of 100, San Francisco scored 76.2.


The Texas state capital is famous for its blues music scene and is packed with bars, clubs and live music venues to enjoy. There are 217 in total.

Rent here is significantly cheaper than in San Francisco at only £1,509, which costs 34% of the average monthly salary of £4,415.

Austin scored 72.7 out of 100.


Portland, Oregon, rounding out the U.S. dominance of our top three. The city is shaded by snow-capped mountains, and that’s only the beginning of the breathtaking nature that would surround you if you lived here.

The city scores four out of five for LGBTQ+ friendliness, offers 176 different nightlife options and only £4.53 for a pint.

Portland scored 70.7 out of 100.


It is one of the most densely populated cities in the country, and also one of the most diverse, allowing you to enjoy incredible food, culture and entertainment.

The average price of living in Vancouver is £1212, which is 46% of your monthly salary of £2,624. With money to spare, you could afford a pint at £4.09 and good transport links at £1.75.

Vancouver’s score was 70.4 out of 100.


One of the largest cities in the U.S. It pays a generous average monthly salary of £4,201, of which you’ll only have to pay £1,358 per month in rent. A pint is also fairly priced at £3.78.

The city is LGBTQ+ and with 462 nightlife venues to enjoy, it could be the perfect place to feel at home.

Chicago scored an overall score of 67.3 out of 100.

Most expensive cities to live in.

New York the most expensive:

A one-bedroom apartment in the Big Apple could set you back £2,314 a month, around 51.46% of the average salary of £4,497.43.
San Francisco:

While San Francisco tends to pay well, with an average monthly salary of £5,955, you can expect a large chunk of that to go towards rent. A typical one-bedroom apartment costs around £2173 per month.


London’s rental market is famously difficult to penetrate. A one-bedroom apartment in the UK capital costs an average of £1,730 per month, which is 54.68% of your salary in the process.
The cities with the best salaries

San Francisco:

A job in San Francisco pays an average monthly salary of £5,955.84, more than enough to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Jobs in the city abound in the retail sector, while careers in finance and technology are also popular.

New York:

New York pays its workers an average of £4497 per month, offering jobs in banking, entertainment, fashion and retail that you couldn’t find anywhere else.


There’s a thriving tech scene in the area, while jobs in life sciences and hospitality are also on the rise.
Austin is home to the University of Texas, so if you’re looking to get further education or work in the industry, it could be the city for you.

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