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Tonez: Is Setting The Tone For These Artists. His Vision Is Different And Needed Within The Music Industry.

Tony Landazuri better known by his stage name Tonez, is an on the rise recording artist from Florida. He found a love for music at a very young age. His father played a key role in influencing and inspiring Tonez. His father would play Spanish songs and 80s and 90s rock which Tonez learned his melodic style from. Hearing these genres of music really helped him find his own sound. His love for music does not stop at writing and performing songs, but he also has the ability to play the violin and trumpet. Tonez is very well rounded when it comes to all music. Its almost been 11 years now since he has started his musical career. Since then he has progressed greatly.

Although he is an amazing artist music was not always seen as something he would want to pursue as a career path, but soon that changed. He started looking at his music as a craft and not just a hobby. His passion for music goes way beyond most artists. Tonez is in it not for the royalties, but for his sheer love of creating music and channeling vibes throughout his sound. He does not make music just for the heck of it, he makes music to impact his audiences lives for the better. His music channels positive vibes. He states ” I believe people in this new generation have just lost all the morals that a lot of us grew up with.” Sad to say, he is right. Tonez has what some call higher awareness which a lot of people do not have at all. Growing up in the 90s he appreciated the simplicity and the joys before the internet craze. Seems like we were more social without the social media in some aspects.

Tonez is an amazing artist, but also an amazing person who appreciates the small things and wants to bring joy to the world with his content. Right now he is working on a mixtape titled “The Vision”. The single for the tape will be called “Another Life” (Produced by Tre Gilliam) and it is currently out now on all musical streaming platforms. His goal for this year is to stay consistent with all of his work. Tonez is as authentic as they come and very humble. Make sure you check out his content and follow his journey as it unfolds.

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