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»Van Hechter 12 Question Holiday Interview!»

Van Hechter has had 3 charting solo singles in the USA over the last 18 months, not to mention an underground #1 duet with Stonewall Inn DJ and activist Chauncey Dandridge, entitled »The Delight», which will be remixed by super slick DJ Executive Realness right in time for New Year’s Eve (release is scheduled for December 30th)!

We caught up with Van, asking him 12 »Holiday» questions;

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

– Yes! Those who don’t are the idiots!

What’s your idea of a great cocktail party during the Holidays?

– Playing puppets while drinking gin with my downstairs neighbor (turned adopted baby brother) by his Christmas tree, acting as silly as possible. That’s a party to me! We invent all these silly characters with stories and back stories. It’s hilarious! The 2 of us really could have worked for Sesame Street!

What do you want for Christmas?

– As »cliché» as this sounds… I’d like my life to continue the way it’s going for as long as possible. I know I’m going through my best years (COVID excluded obviously) and I just want it to last.

Nothing material?

– Not really, no. I don’t need anything material at the moment. Actually if you MUST spend on me; take me out to dinner. That always makes me happy.

You choose your chosen family over your blood family?

– I am actually in contact with many members of my blood family- on both sides, especially the younger generations. But I do choose. For me; friends become family. I don’t need the link of blood to take one in as part of my tribe. All I need is an open mind, modern ideas and a great sense of humor. By the way »modern ideas» have very little to do with age. Some people are modern at 90, others are stuck in the 20th Century at 30!
So age is irrelevant to you?

– Quite! I have friends in their 20s, I have friends in their 80s… I don’t care so long as you aren’t stuck in thinking patterns that have become irrelevant in 2021! I actually have a 60-year old friend who thinks like a young man- he surprises me; I love that!

What’s your favorite Christmas food?

– Well I LOVE turkey so- I’m just thrilled with the traditional North American meal. When in Québec I love a good »tourtière» and when in the tropics– a giant shrimp cocktail will do!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

-»White Christmas» with Bing, Danny and the girls… I love that Minstrel number. I watch it 10 times each season!

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

– Ohhhhh God PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t ask me this!!! I love all Peggy Lee, all 50’s and 60’s hits but——- HHHHHHHHHHH ok I admit it- I love Mariah Carey’s »All I want for Christmas Is You»… It’s just genius. To me it’s one of the very few »modern» classics.
How do you feel about NYE?

– It should be the most glamorous night of the year! Glamour is about hope, you see… And so is December 31st in our collective psyche.
Tell me a Christmas secret…

– I only wear underwear in dress pants! How’s that?

Who’s you’re favorite person in the world aside from you?

– Me first- you’re right. And it took a long time to get there. But aside from me- on this planet, my favorite person is my ex-husband- still- even if we’re separated. I know that I will always love him- just the »nature» of that love has morphed- but it always grows.

Thank you!

– Happy Holidays, Florida!!!!

You can find Mr. Hechter’s album, videos and duets on all platforms but here are a few popular links to follow;