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Van Hechter Strikes Again

For those who aren’t familiar with his work: Van Hechter is one of the most exciting underground artists of this decade. His music is fun, his lyrics are multi-layered, intelligent yet not heavy… Onstage he never fails to make smile or laugh. I’ve interviewed him quite a few times over the last seasons- when he is in Florida… This is the recent talk I’ve had with him.

First of all, you’re nominated for a GLAM AWARD, later this month, aren’t yo? Congratulation! How do you feel?

– I feel honored. I never expected this. Chauncey and I released »Disco Brother» as a fun duet- basically depicting our somewhat bizarre friendship. We were in it for the laughs. I love performing with him. Now- to be up for best video of 2022: wow!

Is Chauncey Dandridge truly your disco brother?

– Yes… This friendship: a total accident. And we are opposites in so many ways- physically, even. But we met and something clicked. We text each other daily, do you believe that? It’s like we’ve known each other for decades!

It’s funny- whenever I see you walking around either in Fort Lauderdale or Miami I think: »Oh, he’s back- what’s he up to now?» There’s a mystery about you. Is this something you feed?

– I feed my image but I know nothing about being mysterious. If I am then that’s really not something I work at. I’m just me. And if there’s anything enigmatic about me it’s probably from embracing my own unicity, fully, with no fear of what people will think. Perhaps that’s what’s bizarre about me, hahahah!
So what ARE you up to?

– I’m up to no good, dear! Up to no no no good!

I know you a bit by now. You take pleasure in everything you do but you always make it about music.

– I’m actually here to film 3 new videos. Two for my next album with regular collaborator Eryck Wyseman and one for a song I am releasing with an old high-school friend I bumbed into at one of my shows… His name is Sainte Croix.

Who is filming?

– Gio Spano, assisted by his husband Juan Carlos! They did »Disco Brother»- and 8 months later we are nominated for a GLAM… Why change a magical formula? Plus they’ve become friends and we work fast together. Nothing nicer than not having to explain and re-explain things.

So who is this highschool buddy you decided to make music with- as a side project from your work with Eryck?

– Sainte Croix? Him and I both went to a really posh- rather snobbish French Lycée… He was the coolest, handsomest straight guy of his year. I was the coolest handsomest gay guy of mine. Already we had things in common, hahah! We were both so damn pretty, back then! Between us two we could seduce the entire world I used to think, hahahaha! Anyway he came to one of my shows last June and we picked up where we’d left off, at least it felt like it. He’s a fantastic musician and producer. I love working with him, his wife may get involved in visuals, too… That’s exciting to me: I love it when the work team is a family.
This year, between Eryck and Sainte Croix: I feel like the luckiest man on earth… The work just flows, all energies are positive, we work hard but with such a sense of joy.

Seems like 2023 will be a very prolific year for you! Do you take time off?

– I think that my whole life right now is a holiday. I’ll take a day off here and there. But doing what I love, 24/7 is a vacation in itself, npt to mention a privilege. I don’t know how long it will last, either. All I can say is: I’m living my dream at the moment, so the need to escape from it isn’t all that strong.

I have one last question for you today. What are you most proud of, in terms of accomplishments?

– My friendships… Most of my friendships stick for life. I’ve failed a few times but not that often. Typically if you’re friends with me- it’s on for decades, if not forever. I’m very proud of that. And I have friends all over the world now, which is humbling. I also am very proud of my ability to create a deep contact with strangers- withing minutes. This often has lead to the most extraordinary relationships…

Thank you, Van… And can I say this? You’re STILL very handsome inside and out- and you’re still damn cool!

– Mehhh… But alright I’ll take it! Hahahahah!

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