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Venezuelan photographer Mildre Castro highlighted in social networks for her technological project

On the TikTok platform he has 200 K (200,000 thousand) followers and on Instagram he has more than 12 K (12,000 thousand) followers.

Caracas.- Venezuelan photographer Mildre Castro is causing a furor on social networks for the peculiar way of teaching how to handle technological tools, creating content in which she demonstrates the most professional way when using the different applications of your mobile phones .

 In mid-2020 to date as part of her project and goal, she became a content creator and has been recording short tutorials of max 30 sec. Where it shows tips for smartphones to users generally with Android operating systems, the tutorial videos are aimed at all those people who want to learn a little more about this technology on their smartphones.

It also specializes in instruction for people to learn how to take photos and videos with the PRO camera on those devices. Mildre Castro is an audiovisual producer and photographer based in the city of Caracas. Since 2006 his love of photography was born and I dedicated myself completely to the audiovisual area as a priority to generate income and thus earn a living during an experience of 14 years, it was not until 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic when took a turn in his profession after observing that due to the quarantine, the majority of people on the planet had awakened the desire to learn and to make the most of their time at home, he created conferences and technology courses that include discovering a world of remote knowledge and take advantage of online delivery platforms.

The tutorials are published on the Tiktok and Instagram platforms simultaneously. I am known on social media accounts with the user @ Soymildredcastro, on Tiktok and Instagram.
On the TikTok platform, he has 200K (200,000 thousand) followers. On Instagram, he has more than 12 K (12,000 thousand) followers

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