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After the success obtained with “Plan B”, “Incoherent”, “Combinamos” and “M3 Quit3”, surpassing more than 45,000 reproductions on YouTube and more than 220,000 streams on Spotify.

Yan Leyton presents «The Truth» which will give a lot to talk about to all his fans.
“La Verdad” is an R&B genre song, where the musical composition was in charge of Carlos Daniel Jaimes.

  • “Ziyei”, Jhony Cantor and Jean Carlos Avellaneda – “Yan Leyton”; the musical production of Manuel Ramírez – «Shay» and Jonathan Parada – «Jou X», on the guitar Johan Steiner and the voice capture of Engineer Raidny Galvis – «Ray Produce». This musical theme has a very fresh video clip that carries a very clear message which is emphasizing everything that is happening with the pandemic worldwide.
    Leyton told us that “He wanted to emphasize that we must value, love, enjoy, care for and respect the people who are by our side, because sooner or later we do not know what fate will bring us, in this case I base myself on what we are currently going through health ”.
    «La Verdad» was in charge under the visual production of Andy Cheng and Dilan Paez from Pangea Films
    with the special participation of Emily Moreno and Carlos Jaimes as protagonists of the video clip; It is important to note that this production was recorded between the cities of San Antonio del Táchira and Ureña.
    Jean Carlos Avellaneda Layton, better known in the artistic world as «Yan Leyton» is a singer, songwriter and producer of urban genre, a native of the city of San Antonio del Táchira, Táchira – Venezuela.
    It should be noted that he is a very versatile artist when it comes to composing and producing his own songs, since with the influences of soul and Anglo pop they have managed to harvest large musical productions; And with only 5 years of career he has managed to work with great producers and composers in the music industry such as Raniero Palm, Manuel Ramírez “Shay”, among others; He has been given the opportunity to open for several musical artists such as Corina Smith, Chyno Miranda, Noriel, Felipe Peláez and Jessi Uribe. In 2020 he decided to launch as a soloist after 3 years of career
    with the duo «Jan y Jay» where he achieved great successes in Spain under the record label «Krik Latino» and had the participation of doing ft with «Gabo & Shay», » Nk Prophet ”and“ Noreh ”.
    He is currently working on his first record label called “Once Again”, all under the label and musical distributor Ditto Music, Music Monster University and Zoom Music Producciones (Zona Vip – Mariana Ramírez “Manager”).
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