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Benjiboykon, Creating Generational Wealth With A Growing Net Worth

Serial entrepreneur and rapper determined to be a multi, multimillionaire before 35

Benjiboykon is on a mission to retire at 40 as a multimillionaire, with a rapidly increasing net worth to watch. 

While many people may boast of being a jack of all trades, only a few are a master of any. With an enviable work ethic and a burning urge to be wealthy, Benjiboykon has grasped the rare art of being an equally hugely talented rapper as much as a razor-sharp businessman. 

Growing up in the harsh Southside community of Chicago but having a hardworking, successful father has molded Benjiboykon into the man he is. Today, he stands as a proud, diligent man who now has a whopping $600,000 network and no intention of stopping there. 

With dreams of acquiring all the luxuries life offers while ensuring his family needs for nothing, Benjiboykon is turning pennies into potential millions with multiple businesses, music, and consistency. 

Born Lawrence Gant, he is making the decisions of a seasoned businessman by quietly diversifying his portfolio. To date, Benjiboykon is the owner of five prime real estate properties, yielding a combined income of $90,000 annually. In addition to being a real estate investor, Benjiboykon is also the primary proprietor of his family-run company Benji Auto Transport. 

The business concentrates on exclusively delivering exotic cars, with guaranteed express shipping across the United States. Benji Auto Parts guarantees safe, speedy shipping using an impenetrable enclosed trailer that ensures vehicles don’t get scratched or damaged while in transit. Launched in 2020, the mushrooming business earns an estimated $25,000 monthly, ultimately gaining a profit of approximately $300,000 yearly. 

When he is not transporting luxury cars to his growing client base, Benjiboykon can be found spreading his love of exotic cars through a rental business. By renting exotic cars, he earns an estimated $30,000 monthly.

Never one to be outdone, Benjiboykon intends to generate generational wealth for himself, his family, and the broader community through his plans to acquire land and start his very own commercial development conglomerate. 

The shrewd businessman has always been an entrepreneur. He could be caught selling candy, shoveling snow, and peddling fake shoes until he eventually started his own landscaping company in his formative years. 

Benjiboykon isn’t unaware of the fact that African Americans aren’t usually taught financial literacy from an early age. But instead of going through life blinded, he made his lifelong mission to edify himself financially while acquiring crucial financial habits. 

He credits his ongoing success to sound and smart spending habits that focus on gaining assets instead of wastefully purchasing materialistic items. Benji also strictly follows the principles set out by Robert Kiyosaki, which entails leveraging good debt and using it to increase net worth.

When asked what motivates him to keep raising his net worth, Benji retorts, “Watching millionaire mentors on YouTube, looking at things I can’t afford like 100k yachts and 

sometimes I even drive around in affluent neighborhoods and look at mansions. These things keep me pushing.”

Learn more about Benjiboykon by following him on Instagram or YouTube. More information on Benji Auto Transport can also be found on the company’s Instagram page.