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Dynomite exploding big down in florida

All the way from Miami Florida Dynamite says he’s been doing music for quite a spell although minor setbacks to the way he feels that the he has something the world needs to hear.

Practicing freestyling at a early age on karaoke machines was his way of tackling his craft before he ever really got to take it serious.

Dynamite says the most challenging thing he had to face was going to prison after his first stint in the county jail in Florida still independent he says his favorite inspiration in life was Tupac Shakur.

Although Dynamite just got started cuz he has not had the chance to make it emits yet in the rap industry but the ultimate goal is always to be an inspiration to everyone if not anyting. Says he’s still in the process of recording and producing his own music at this point in his career

New music on the way says Dynamite tapped into telling listeners about the violence in the physical breakdown you could take by being his enemy and has some songs coming out strictly for the ladies smooth on the love side of things he doesn’t know yet still a work progress.