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Ellen Alexander’s Music –Changing Perceptions And Moods

What happens when you put together a multi-talented artist and a small but fabulous team of music professionals? Well, if you’re really lucky, you can get a new song that will leave a mark on our collective mind (and soul). And this is exactly what Ellen Alexander’s new song is. Call it a statement, a declaration. Call it special or unique. Call it Good Girl Go. 

Ellen Alexander is a Russian-born fashion model, singer, and entrepreneur currently living in the United States, in Los Angeles. What is special about Ellen is her training in the arts field. She didn’t just discover she can sing in the shower. Ellen started her artistic education when she was five years old. Coming from a family of Russian scientists (her grandfather was a pioneer of the Russian space program), Ellen spent many hours, many weeks, months, and years training to become the multi-faceted artist she is today. Her voice speaks volumes about her music education, but also about that kind of personality that can’t go unnoticed. 

Ellen Alexander’s Good Girl Go is creating emotions 

When you listen to one of her songs, even without watching the video, you can see her in every sound and in every tone. Music defines her, and she defines a whole new style, unique and deliberate, distinctive and delicate, all at the same time. There is no doubt about the fact that we’ll be hearing a lot about and from Ellen Alexander as she is a very prolific and hard-working artist. 

We’ve first noticed Ellen’s musical prowess last year when she released “Shadows.” The video is stunning and a perfect match for the song. Ellen worked on the video during the pandemic as a gift to a dear friend and a testimony to the fact that you can do anything if you put your head, mind, and soul into it. 

Creating emotions comes easy to Ellen Alexander- she is inspiring, inciting, breathing beauty in everything she does and in her music. And her music is just like Ellen – amazingly beautiful, with a strong message, all wrapped in layers and layers of meaning, all strong and fierce.  Vulnerable, but never weak. And maybe this is a good time for all of us to allow something as pure as music to touch our souls, influence our mood for the better, and why not, even change perceptions!