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Hands-on Tattoo Academy «Academia del Tatuaje» led by Celebrity Tattoo Artist Luis Gil opens in Miami

Award-winning, celebrity tattoo artist Luis Gil is striving to do more than “change lives with ink”: He wants to teach others how to do the same. With that goal, he recently opened Academia del Tatuaje, a tattoo academy in Miami’s Doral neighborhood, where he’s sharing his expertise, talent, and industry know-how with students wanting to follow in his footsteps.

At Academia del Tatuaje, Gil, who is joined by the Miami Fine Arts school’s cofounder renowned Venezuelan artist, Carlos Martinez Leon, will teach students of “all walks of life” and varying experience levels, everything they need to know to “tattoo safely and masterfully.”

Gil and Martinez Leon’s partnership is a winning combination for students of La Academia. From Gil, they’ll learn how to tattoo like a pro, acquiring a wide swath of techniques, and practical knowledge like how to discern between different machines, needles and inks. And from Martinez Leon, they’ll learn art fundamentals such as drawing and painting that can then be applied towards tattooing.

“Once their time here is complete, students will walk away as true artists,” Gil said. “Because that’s what tattooing is … an art. At Academia del Tatuaje, we treat it as such, and are giving the next generation of ink masters all the tools to become masters of the craft.”

Courses at Academia del Tatuaje range from an intense, 40-hour course on tattoo basics for beginners to other, more specialized training and workshops on specific skills such as “Mastering Portraits,” for more advanced students. 

Art students are thirsty for hands-on training programs like Gil’s, said Elkin Cañas, co-founder and academic director of Miami art school, Miami International Fine Arts. He called the new school “of high value” for all wanting to learn how to tattoo from one of the best in the industry.

“The opportunity to learn the trade from someone as gifted and knowledgeable as Luis Gil, is a remarkable one,” said Cañas.

“He’s someone who’s long been working to elevate the craft of tattooing and is now doing just that, by taking it upon himself to teach others how to be the best tattoo artists they can be.”

Academia del Tatuaje is located at 8726 NW 26th St. Suite #20, Doral, FL. For registration information, call 305-470-0009 or click here.

For more on Academia del Tatuaje, follow @academiatattooart on Instagram.

About Luis Gil

Venezuelan-born Luis Gil, 26, is a Miami-based award-winning tattoo artist with about a dozen international tattoo industry awards under his belt.

He’s also the owner of renown tattoo studio “MejorArte” — a Spanish-language play on words, meaning “Better Art” or “Better Yourself” — in Miami’s Doral neighborhood. It’s there, where for more than three years, Gil has tattooed some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment world.

From baseball players to TV and movie stars, Gil’s star-studded client roster has helped set MejorArte apart as the “go-to” tattoo studio for those wanting to get work done by the best in the industry: Gil and his talented team of accomplished tattooists.

He’s hoping to do the same with the opening of his tattoo academy, Academia del Tatuaje, by creating a space for those wanting to learn the art of tattooing from the pros. In his role as an instructor, he eagerly shares his passion for tattoos with the next generation of ink masters.

Gil specializes in jaw-dropping photo-like portraits, life-changing cover-ups, and other pieces that allow him to display his masterful realism and surrealism tattooing techniques. To see Gil’s powerful, eye-grabbing tattoos, follow Luis Gil on Instagram @luisgil_art

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