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Super slick singer van hechter tells all about unpcoming new single »Love in Miami»!

Last year, he exploded in the US underground like a champagne cork-with 3 charting singles- 2 of which became #1 in Chicago. His voice is warm-texturized. His lyrics seem like bubble gum at first- but after a few plays one understands the following; underneath a pop surface, lies a relevant, deep social commentary. Van Hechter is indeed a man of layers-first one always glamorous and easy- but the more one digs-the more one finds.
On June 10th he will launch a new song (first of a full EP), entitled »Love In Miami», written and produced with hot newcomer Villagomez- a young musical genius who has all it takes to seduce the world of Dance!
We caught up with Van, as he was packing to get back to Montreal (his home base), after a 6-week Florida »video and photoshoot» stay…

– So you came to Miami to film the video for the song… How did that go?

Well- we shot with someone most people know in Florida: Gio Spano! How could things go wrong? He’s wonderful- and so is his team! I immediately liked the vibe and we got along perfectly from the first second. He is so generous- and fun to work with.

– How did you meet this new hot producer »Villagomez»?

We met at a party-he was djing. I liked his style. Then I realized he was a great musician… As our friendship evolved, we just fell into this project together, I’d say. I can tell you this; from the first encounter, I felt like one day we could do great things as a team. I’m very instinctive that way. Most of my long-life relationships happen in seconds. I’m not infallible, of course, but my gut is rarely wrong. In this case: I was totally on point!

– What did you feel when you first heard the track?

A huge wave of emotion, just from the draft. It was one of the moments of: »Ok—- you HAVE to do this! Can’t let this one pass by». And I couldn’t get the groove out my head for days afterwards.

– How would you describe »Love In Miami»?

It’s everything I personally love: very Neo-Disco/UK House/Dance-Pop… It’s a party song- but not cheap. It only sounds easy- fact is it’s very layered and sophisticated. People can appreciate it on 2 or 3 levels: dance, humor- then a very sad commentary about fleeting love.

– Is this a new begining for you?

I think every time I come up with something new it feels like a re-birth- yes. Stepping into the unkown, full of hope, a little nervous, mostly grateful to be living my dream- wherever it leads…

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