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Meet Mauricio Rosero Colombian Influencer

Mauricio Rosero is a young Entrepreneur, Influencer, Writer, Motivational speaker and video creator, born in Bogota, Columbia, currently based in the United States (US). He has also received professional training in various fields such as photography, designing etc. He is very dedicated to his work and does everything with complete honesty, and that is one of the reasons behind his success. His slogan is that a person should always “stick to its plan”, whatever happens, that is his pillar of success. Fulfilling your dreams is not an easy task, but the sooner you start, the better your chances of success, you should always continue your efforts.

A person cannot be successful without prior planning because planning is what enables you to achieve your goals successfully. An entrepreneur is a risk taker and remember, only the person who has the guts gets successful, and Mauricio Rosero is one of them.

Mauricio Rosero creates videos on social issues on Instagram of the utmost importance, and in this way he becomes the voice of people. A video created by him on Instagram was shared more than two million times, and he has over 10 million views on his videos. There are a lot of articles about him on Google, if you want to read about him, search him. There is a famous quotation of him that has encouraged and influenced a lot of people:

The hill looks steeper from the bottom, but when you are up, you realize that it was not as difficult as you thought.”

Mauricio Rosero has more than 160k subscribers on Instagram, and that is just the beginning, and the number of his followers is increasing day by day. His works are being appreciated by a lot of people especially because of his bravery to speak on such serious political matters.

He is spreading the messages of self-improvement to those who need it. His message enables people to strive for their purposes of lives. He advises new entrepreneurs, and his opinions are so valuable. From a very young age he realized that he had that ability to communicate messages in a very efficient way.

Mauricio Rosero considers social media as a great resource to spread our message if we use it in a positive way, and, yeah, he is right, social media is really a very powerful tool if used efficiently. There are situations where people get demotivated because of different circumstances in their lives, and they get depressed, and that is when they need motivation and advices from other people, this is where people like Mauricio Rosero become their light of in darkness.

All young people, entrepreneurs and successful people have a responsibility to influence the lives of people around them positively. He calls himself a friend, and a brother of those needy people. He encourages people to strive to improve their standards of life.

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