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Montreal pop star Van Hechter joins forces with iconic Stonewall Inn Dj Chauncey Dandridge to create »The Delight» a magical, post-pandemic, »must-hear» summer tune!

We already know Van- he’s that pop star from Montreal with a perfect mustache, who writes cool »New-Disco» songs… He visits Florida each year and never wants to leave because he’s so in love with Floridians!
But what do we know about Chauncey Dandridge? – Well, he is a true New-Yorker, tough and gritty. He’s an activist. And- he happens to be Stonewall Inn’s resident Dj.

Both men now have a common project; »The Delight»- a very energetic, uplifting duet single- available now on all platforms!

Here’s a short interview with the pair…

Q: -»The Delight» is???

Chauncey: -“The Delight” is what sweet dreams are made of. It’s your goal, your optimism, your hope and your happiness.

Van: -THE song you should add to your summer soundtrack because it’s all about looking forward after a rough time…

Q: -What do you have to say about each other?

C: -Van is almost my complete opposite and that’s why we connect so well. We definitely have a similar sense of humor but I am the grittiness to his gorgeousness. He takes a lot longer to get ready than I do too. Haha

V: -Chauncey is the best Dj in NYC and he is not appreciated to his just value— yet! I like him a lot although I resent his last comment. He’s right but I resent it.

Q: -Artists tend to carry a backdrop of trauma— not all of them, but many do… Do you?

C: -Definitely my mother dying when I was 19. After that I can handle anything.

V: -My mother dying a few days before my 4th birthday and the decades it took to overcome that. That’s why I take so long to get ready… I HAVE to be gorgeous, you see. That’s my big revenge!

Q: -Do you guys argue?

C: -Like any creative duo we definitely argue but it always end up creating something magical.

V: -We argue about the difference between an mall and a shopping center. The man is clueless. Last time we had a fight over this, we didn’t talk for the next 25 minutes. Clueless, he is! And argumentative, too! It’s a mess. Hahahahah!