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New Adult Content Site Peekaboo Offers 90% Payout, Improved User Experience

We’re living in an unprecedented age for adult content creators. Never before have they had such direct access to your fans–and so many ways to monetize your content and run your own business. But in this multi-billion-dollar industry, it’s still tough for adult content creators to run legitimate businesses that aren’t at the mercy of sites like OnlyFans changing the rules. That’s why David Goelz created Peekaboo, a new content site for adults only offering the industry’s highest payout at 90%. 

Content creators on other subscription and monetization platforms like OnlyFans or on other adult content-specific sites like LoyalFans only take home 80% of what they make. Sites like Just For Fans keep 30%, meaning those creators only take home 70%. A difference of 10% may sound small, but it’s pretty huge–especially when it’s the money you made in your business.

Peekaboo only takes 10%, so you take home 90% of what you make. And the site doesn’t charge additional credit card processing fees. “Why do we do this? Well, we believe that to help normalize and destigmatize the adult content industry, we have to give adult content creators the tools to feel empowered to run their own businesses,” said Goelz. “We want to make sure you have more ownership over your business–after all, you are an entrepreneur. By taking home 90%, you’re pocketing more of the money you’ve earned through your own ingenuity and strategy. This means you’ll feel more confident as a business person and continue using our more equitable, stable platform.”

Users love interacting with content on the Peekaboo site and mobile app. It’s super easy to discover new creators and find all-time favorites again and again with Peekaboo’s industry-leading searching features. The interface uses darker tones to keep the light from users’ screens from being too bright…a small detail that makes a huge difference in viewing experiences. Plus, the advanced messaging system allow everyone to easily communicate any extra fees. Plus, users can earn profile badges to help them stand out from their fellow viewers, and you can see their time on site and spending habits.

It’s time for an industry disruption to the adult content monetization site experience, and Peekaboo is the solution we’re all waiting for. Ready to try Peekaboo? You could win weekly raffles of between $250 to $1,000 for uploading pics and videos! For creators, the first month is free, with a 90% take-home after that. We offer better business practices, a more stable and equitable platform for your work, and a better experience for your fans. Click here to start uploading now!

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