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Polina Cohen: the Russian tattoo artist who left her country to fulfill her dreams in the U.S.

Polina Cohen was born in Moscow, Russia. From the age of 4 she started practicing fine arts and this led her to formal studies at art school and university. 

But it was not until the age of 17 that she started tattooing. While in college, she didn’t have enough money to buy the necessary tools to be able to tattoo, but her friends, with great effort and seeing the passion Polina Cohen had for tattoos, decided to buy her her first machine and allowed her to practice for free. It was then that she realized that this was her true passion in life.

Polina Cohen: her first steps in the industry 

After consolidating her career in Moscow, she wanted to be an independent artist and work in the big tattoo industry, so from one moment to the next she took the step of moving to New York where she would become a great tattoo artist. 

This journey was not an easy one as it was a big challenge for Polina Cohen

She had to go through a long and complex apprenticeship working in traveling workshops for 2 years to practice and absorb the best of tattoo art. She tried multiple tattoo styles such as geometric, abstract, realism and watercolor until she found what really fit her style and what she enjoyed doing the most was the dark realism style.

A new beginning for Polina

Last year, Polina Cohen traveled all over the United States doing conventions, shows and guesting at different venues to learn more techniques and styles. She remains open to learning more and becoming the most professional and talented artist she can be. This is how Polina Cohen traveled a long road that started at a very young age when she realized that fine arts were her passion.

The challenge of emigrating to a country very different from hers represents the illusion of fulfilling her dream of becoming one of the best artists in the world of tattoos and at the pace she is learning and developing, there is no doubt that she is on the right path to achieve her goal. 
You can support her work by joining her community on Instagram, you can find her as @polina_cohen_

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