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The King of Reggaeton is Back: Don Omar Releases New Single with Residente

Puerto Rican businessman, rapper and singer-songwriter Don Omar is back stronger than ever in the music industry. But this time, allied with his countryman Residente in his new single «Flow HP». 

The song is inspired by the beginnings of the urban genre, and it is also a solid bet for a rhythm that makes sense, contrary to what is being done with commercial reggaeton, said René Pérez, known as Residente.

Don Omar informed the media in a press release last Tuesday that he signed a million-dollar deal with the Saban Music Group, where he will have the backing and extensive artistic and business experience of Haim Saban and Gustavo Lopez.

The two Latin music stars unveiled their new song loaded with rhythm and sensuality. Alcapurrias’ and ‘limoncillo’ were slang that only Puerto Ricans could understand a few years ago, but today, thanks to the commercialization of urban genres initiated by artists such as Don Omar and Residente, they are recognized worldwide, according to a statement issued yesterday by Saban Music Group.

Today, the development trajectory of the two artists is almost part of a myth. Two icons of Latin music joined forces for the first time in history to bring «Flow HP» to life, showing different images of everyday Puerto Rican life, full of pure adrenaline, sexy and unforgettable rhymes.

Don Omar in his return to the music industry had to expose what he represented: as a performer and as a Puerto Rican. The Puerto Rican singer expressed himself ¨without warm fuzzies» and showed his usual characteristics in his new songs. «Music flows very easily with René, especially reggae music. In this song, he reflects his unique style and what we knew about him from the beginning,» commented Don Omar.

«The collaboration with Don Omar developed as naturally as real reggae is created. The idea is to do the opposite of what commercial reggae is doing. Drop the rhyme of each song with 64 bars, and forget about the simple hooks that music. The industry is looking for meaningful rhythms every day,» Residente said in a statement.

«Flow HP» has the intensity that only this incomparable combination can deliver. It is a great celebration of the urban genre, marking a magical moment of inspiration and maturity for both artists. Many of their fans have shown their support and admiration for the artists and have expressed it on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

«All the artists and people who were behind this project, we wanted to capture the roots and essence of our generation in this song and go back to the original reggae rhythm. No matter what they say, they will never stop being heard. Thanks to thousands of people for patiently waiting for my new marriage proposal. I tell my Fans, this is just the beginning of many surprises I have in store for you,» added Don Omar.

«We are part of the Puerto Rican slang, of the greats, but the Real Academia still doesn’t recognize it. We are not the music of the music. The Royal Reggae Academy of Music created its own conservatory, its own dictionary. The voice of the community was born in the most natural way of a culture. That’s how this cooperation was born. For me, it will become a classic of the city and one of the symbols of this movement,» Residente added.

The song «Flow HP» is already available on all digital platforms, and there is a music video filmed between Los Angeles and Puerto Rico that features the realism of black and white images while highlighting the Puerto Rican style. As a fact, on its release day, it reached more than 100 thousand plays on its YouTube channel.

«While continuing to write new songs for the next album, Don Omar prepared a keynote speech to be held in Miami in December,» said Residente. So, it would not be surprising to see a street performance of ¨Flow HP¨ at Miami Fest.

In early September of this year, Don Omar released a song called «Agradecido» in celebration of his 43rd birthday. «I can’t wait, I can’t wait to get back in direct contact with my fans, those who have always been there and the new generations. I want to get back to doing what I love the most and present the new music I have been working on for some time,» said Don Omar.

Latin music is evolving, however the great exponents of the genre are still making waves and are positioned in the Charts stronger than ever, the veteran of reggaeton Don Omar came to stay in music.