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The Metaverse and its new investment opportunities

Since the end of 2021 the metaverse is a term that has been trending, making it one of the most popular topics. Especially after Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would now be known as Meta Platform, or simply Meta, creating much more expectation about this new digital initiative.

This being the case, and if we take into account the vision that the creator of Facebook has always had, it is a fact that this virtual world will become part of our daily lives sooner rather than later.

A new reality

However, despite all the hype surrounding this topic, many people may still be unclear about what it is really all about, and it is a concept that will change the perception of our reality.

Why? Because according to Pierre Bourdin, professor of computer science, multimedia and telecommunications at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the metaverse «is a space of interaction of machines, idealized avatars and a new virtual world where art, architecture, beauty and fiction meet to socialize, shop or do business, thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality».

In other words, it is a virtual reality world that converges with our physical plane, and can be accessed through smart glasses or virtual reality helmets. In this way, you find computer-generated spaces like a fake forest or a beach somewhere like your office, for example. And if you want to put it in other terms, parallel universes are being created through virtuality.

An investment opportunity

With the entry of the metaverse into our daily lives, many doors will open, especially for technology experts, developers, graphic artists, marketing specialists and many more people who will have great job opportunities in this virtual world.

However, it also presents an ideal scenario to invest money and be able to generate profits with it, even quickly.

With this in mind, BlackRock, the world’s largest investment fund made a series of recommendations, outlining what it takes to take advantage of the metaverse and grow our capital.

«The metaverse maybe seems like a futuristic thing, but we really believe it represents here and now an investment opportunity.» commented Nigel Bolton, chief investment officer of the financial giant.

«We know this is going to be a big thing and it’s going to change people’s day-to-day lives. But we don’t know exactly how, or how big the change will be. What is clear is that suddenly there are a lot of companies talking about this. And that teenagers are spending a lot of time in these virtual worlds,» added the equity-focused specialist.

That is why his advice is based on creating or investing in manufacturers of devices that will be needed in the metaverse. Such as computer or mobile software that is capable of providing the ingredients for these types of glasses and devices.

In other words, investing in the infrastructure of the platforms and ecosystems of the metaverse. Just as happened to those who invested in today’s big internet companies in their early days.

«When the computing devices are developed, «the opportunity will come for new services and programs that begin to shape the metaverse.» commented the specialist.

NTFs another way to make money in the metaverse

NTFs, which have also become quite popular, can also make you some good money in the metaverse; just as has happened with many who invest in cryptoassets.

Considering that non-fungible tokens are really any downloadable file such as a song, an image, a tweet and anything else you can think of, it is quite wise to think that the metaverse will be littered with these assets, which already today can become quite expensive. So investing in them is a very good option, it can even be in clothes, accessories and pets for virtual avatars and if you can create them, even better!