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Van Hechter: a love affair with Florida

Q: So— I heard you say on I Heart radio that you always returned to Florida… Why is that?

A: »Sea Sex & Sun»—- do you know that song by Serge Gainsbourg??? More seriously; I’ve had a love affair with Miami and Fort Lauderdale since I was a baby.

Q: What do you do while you’re here?

A: I always end up writing new material… Also— a gazillion adventures seem to fall upon me each time I visit. I fall in love here, too.

Q: What’s the title track to your recent album all about; »Love Elastic»??

A: »True love isn’t possessive, it is free and giving. It morphs through time but never breaks. It is elastic»— I believe this more and more as I age.

Q: That song did well in the Uk and Germany first- then NYC and Chicago and Florida radio stations warmed up to it… We found out about you last yet the video had been filmed here a year before, right?

A: Yes- on Sebastian beach and in South Beach. We flew in from Montreal, the director, one assistant and I. That was it! As usual the director (Andras Toth) was cranky, I was freezing my ass off rolling in the sand pretending to be a silly male mermaid while serving as an all you can eat buffet for sand bugs– laughing and swearing between takes. The assistant was making fun of me, throwing seaweed in my face! 3 of the most hilarious days of 2019. We really had a blast! When you work with people you like and know- all is allowed!

Q: What’s your new single about; »I Believe», and why are you not in that video?

A: It’s about refusing to become cynical even in harder times! I am not in it because I don’t want my art to always be about me me me.

Q: What are your future musical plans?

A: 2 or 3 more singles from »Love Elastic» will come out this year… But also I am launching a Pride album in NYC next June at the Stonewall Inn. I wrote an anthem to the place during the 50th anniversary celebrations- crowd liked it- and adopted me. Sow I am releasing a full EP of duets with the bar’s resident DJ; Chauncey Dandridge- I love that guy! We became »brothers» in about 2 seconds. If you’re in NYC next June look me up!!

There’s talk about a mini-tour in Europe and special events when this COVID crap gets resolved!!!

Q: Where are you staying right now? Where can we bump into you while you’re in Florida?

A: Right now I am in Fort Lauderdale— staying at David Medici’s guesthouse; The Big Coconut Guesthouse! We’ve been friends for a long time and I can’t not visit him! I go to the beach for cardio everyday. You’ll find me eating dinner at Rosie’s rather often and I have PF Chang’s cravings regularly! Other than that— I really enjoy Disco Sundays at Hunter’s. I’ll go walking in South Beach a few more times during my stay, too. Miami art district is so cool! Say hi! No smile ever disturbs me- I love humans!