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Van Hechter Dedicates Single «Back In Vogue» To Movember!

He is cool, he has style, and while being thoroughly modern he reminds us of old Hollywood.
Girls go crazy for him, boys fall in love with him, non-binary humans embrace him…
His name is Van Hechter and he is dedicating one of his songs »Back In Vogue» to the Movember movement. We asked him why…

»Because I am a testicular cancer survivor. At first doctors didn’t believe me. They were telling me it was all in my head. But FORTUNATELY I’m stubborn and I asked for second, third opinions. As it turns out I actually had a very aggressive tumor. I’d be dead not had it not been insistent! I had emergency surgery. So– all I have to say to anyone who owns testicles is- PLEASE check your boys and if you feel anything weird, seek help! Women have known to self-check for decades now- we need to be as aware as they are. A lump is NEVER to be ignored»

You can find Mr. Hechter’s album, videos, »Back In Vogue» single and duets on all platforms but here are a few popular links to follow: