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Australian Teenager Could Be One Of The Youngest Self-Made Millionaires

How many are you familiar with E-commerce and online marketing? If you are not familiar with the concept, let us break that down for you. It’s important because we will talk about Marcus Pereira – a 16-year-old school who is an online marketing, E-commerce, and social media genius. 

Yes, you read that right. Marcus Pereira is very young for the amount of money, success, and fame he has achieved. Even though his beginning was relatively humble, his struggle made him what he is right now. 

What is E-commerce and online marketing?

A web-based business that we call E-commerce and digital advertising is the act of utilizing unique online strategies to direct people to your online store and changing over that traffic into paying clients. And that involves holding those client’s post-buy. An all-encompassing online business promoting system comprises showcasing strategies both on and off your online business site or portal.

Who is Marcus Pereira?

Marcus Pereira is an Australian Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and Instagrammer. He began his digital marketing and other small businesses and investments at an early age from making a channel on YouTube and pages on Instagram, developing them online through paid advancements and sponsorships. He picked up doing on the web business and showcasing. 

For that, he has struggled a lot while studying as well. From that point forward, Marcus Pereira had investigated a wide range of surges of pay. He has opened different online business stores, a progressive organization, independently published books, and training others through seminars on Udemy and Teachable stages.

How did Marcus Pereira get into Online business?

Marcus Pereira was stumbling upon various ways to earn money. He was very passionate about that since his childhood. Even though Marcus Pereira had some information about dropshipping and other business models, he never invested in one. 

The only reason behind that due to not having enough capital to start one, and at that point, there was not much he could do. But that didn’t stop Marcus Pereira from chasing his dreams, and he ended up making his first channel on YouTube. And there he started talking about topics related to digital marketing and online business ideas. With his dedication, he soon earned more than 6000 subscribers. 

He started doing the same thing on Instagram and TikTok, as well. He makes short videos or takes meaningful cuts from his YouTube videos, guides teenagers, and motivates them to earn money. 

What is the future of E-commerce, according to Marcus Pereira?

The future of E-commerce is way brighter than we think, according to Marcus Pereira. He also teaches teenagers and young adults in his videos about the importance of earning their money by exploring different digital marketing platforms. And by taking full advantage of their social media presence. All he asks them to do is taking action to achieve something big in life. 

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