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Between business and social media, Mohammed Mihami is a young creator with a bright future

*Mohammed mihami with his friend lucien ndabagera founder of lund group.

Mohammed Mihami is a young fashion designer from France. He has a charming personality and a classy clothing sense. He is a prominent name among Hollywood stars and rappers due to his skills and creativity as a designer.

His thoughtful designs, graceful dressing sense, and god-gifted creativity gets him noticed on every platform. Mohammed is a man with multiple talents. During his journey before becoming a style designer, he worked on multiple platforms that included cinema and theater. As a young man, he lived many lives, had various identities, had unique experiences, and made amazing friends. He is a highly respected person among some of the renowned Hollywood productions, producers, and actors.

Due to his achievements and prolific profile he is often invited to a number of Fashion weeks where he interacts with leading actors and distinguished artists from around the globe. Even though he is a man with multiple talents and gets amazing offers from different fashion, art, and entertainment industry, currently he wants to shut down all the noise around him and focus on his main passion, which is to design clothes and build a brand of his own.

Mohammed Mihami has a creative mind. Throughout his life, he had many chances to travel the world, meet brilliant people from sports , fashion, showbiz, and royal families. One thing
common among all these people is that they have a great sense of clothing. Through his experiences with these people from different parts of the globe, Mohammed developed a great
sense of cultures and trends in the fashion and design industry. A combination of experience,
passion, and creativity along with an eye for beauty and elegance made Mohammed think about launching his own brand of clothing.

Right now his main focus is on launching a clothing brand dedicated to women. He is one of a kind designer. The type of designer whose work cannot be anticipated until it’s done. His interaction with many cultures has enabled him to consider cultural preferences in his designs. Mohammed believes that the role of a designer is quite similar to the role of a painter creating a wonderful painting, especially when you are designing clothes for women who are very choosy by nature.

His major focus is to capture new moods in his design and create pieces of clothing that women never thought existed until they were in front of them. He believes that fashion and culture go hand in hand. Modern fashion is linked with ancient culture and it’s a theme that he wants to carry in his design. He has the vision to make his designs comfortable and elegant at the same time.

For him, the most important part of luxury fashion is the feel-good factor. This factor is
even more important during this current age where people are quite disturbed due to the impacts of pandemics and other stresses of life. However, building a feel-good factor through clothes requires a combination of multiple aspects. Mohammed Mihami uses his inclusive vision, creative designs, and high quality fabrics to instill the feel good factor in his designs.

As far as the vision is concerned Mohammed Mihami wants his brand to be a part of French
luxury brands. His work is inspired by Charaf Tajer. Both Charaf Tajer and Mohammed Mihami
belong to Moroccan descent. This help Mohammed relate his work with Charf as he has high
regard and respect for his achievements in the fashion industry. Charaf launched his own brand of menswear clothing under the name CASABLANCA back in 2018. Mohammed Mihami thinks of Charaf Tajer as a role model as he believes both of them share similar goals in life. Quite similar to Charaf Tajer, Mohammed is also a self-taught designer, who had a close link with the fashion industry from a very young age.

Having vision, talent, passion, and knowledge is important to build a quality product. But in
order to make your product successful one needs to go a step further. One might have a great
product to offer but if people don’t know about the product it will never be successful. Starting a new brand can be a daunting task and requires a lot of professionalism, social skills, planning, and risk-taking ability. Mohammed Mihami is a young man, but he has a very wise head on those young shoulders.

He has been in close contact with a lot of established businessmen and successfully grown up people from around the world and he has learned a lot from their experiences. He is not afraid of setbacks and failures and has great faith in his own abilities and determination. One thing he understands really well is that marketing is a key part of entrepreneurship. His brand will not be successful unless it’s visible to the potential market. He has a proper plan to achieve this goal.

Mr. Mihami is a close friend of world-famous actors, artists, renowned sportspersons, and
members of UAE royal families. These people have global recognition and can influence people
preferences all over the world. A number of these close friends of Mohammed already appreciate his creativity, dressing sense, and presence as a fashion designer. Mohammed. Mihami can use some help from his famous friends to endorse his brand. This is an approach that has been very effective and is widely used by world-famous brands like Calvin Klein and Versace. Apart from the endorsements from different celebrities, and close friends from Hollywoods, Sports, and UAE royals Mohammed Mihami has a strong presence on his own in the fashion industry. He is currently in discussion with a number of renowned luxury brands from Italy and London to collaborate on future projects.

Finally, it can be said that Mohammed MIHAMI has a goal-oriented approach. Even though life
is offering him many opportunities in multiple fields of life, he has a vision of his own. Most
importantly he has a plan and determination to turn his vision into reality. He is a young man
who is carving his own path, wants to stand out of the crowd, and has a passion to build
something unique. We are well on our way to seeing another amazing brand in the women’s
fashion industry. The future in the fashion industry looks exciting.

By Queen Marketing

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