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Miami Celebrity Model Caroline Derpienski attended the most luxury and prestigious event in the world “The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo” in Dubai

On March 17, 2023, the most prestigious gala in the world took place at the 7-star hotel «Burj Al Arab» in Dubai. Caroline Derpienski, a representative of Poland and the USA, could not be missing, who delighted all the invited guests and the world media with her charm and class.

Set to the princes and princesses’ theme, a fairy tale happened in Dubai, inspired by the charm ofMonte-Carlo. The glamor of the event created an evening that will never be equalled again! A sumptuous great ball took place in Burj Al Arab, the jewel of Jumeirah. It’s the most expensive hotel in the world! A fairy-tale place full of gold and unimaginable wealth boasts the title of a seven-star hotel.

Members of royal and princely houses from across the world, Monaco’s and Dubai’s social elite, international business people, luxury brands and a selection of influential media enjoyed a never-seen-before celebration of glamour and beauty. Charming love, music, art, beauty and magic reunited for a royal event.

The glamorous event took place in the striking Al Falak Ballroom, that is inspired by the grand decor of an 18th-century Viennese Opera House.

The emotional experience of the great Gala Dinner & Show took place in this delightful place and was graced by significant personalities from the film industry, business and political personalities, scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs. The typically warm and exclusive atmosphere of the Burj Al Arab amazed every guest.

The colors, embellishments and detailed styling are worth seeing, and the gently floating feathers created an atmosphere not to be missed.

The highest level, the most influential and rich people in the world.

Dubai will never cease to amaze. We can only congratulate Caroline on such a huge success on a global scale.

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