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The secrets behind Caroline Derpienski’s stunning Dubai looks

This month Miami Celebrity Caroline Derpienski took part in one of the most prestigious events in the world «The Grand Ball Of Monte-Carlo» in Dubai. The model presented itself as a unique guest among the world’s largest elite of business people, politics, fashion and even the Prince of Dubai. Women were dressed in long, richly decorated dresses, which were emphasized with jewelry.

Gentlemen presented themselves in elegant tuxedos or, of course, traditional attire conveying the Arabian culture.

Caroline’s styling surprised the whole world, because the Influencer decided on a dress of the fashion house «VERSACE» all studded with Svarovski crystals. Thanks to this, she stood out from other people of the fair sex, because everyone chose dresses with tulle or a long train.

We decided to take a close look at what Derpienski was wearing at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. In addition to the «Versace» dress, the crystal bag from «BALENCIAGA» attracts the most attention in her styling. It sparkles like a million dollars. This handbag perfectly stood out from thousands of Swarovski crystals and blended in with jewelry. When it comes to jewellery, we can see a gold diamond necklace by the fashion house «DIOR», a gold bracelet by «CARTIER» also with diamonds and a watch by «ROLEX», of course also with diamonds. In our humble opinion, Caroline shines with freshness every day, but we understand that the Celebrity wanted to shine from head to toe on such an important evening.

Speaking of feet, crystals have appeared again. This time pink iconic heels of the Louboutin fashion house.

Are you ready to find out the approximate $ value Miami Celebrity was wearing that evening? The amount is about 50 thousand dollars!

Congratulations on your great sense of style and good team of stylists.

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