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Business Magnate Reuel-Azriel & Skinvious Breaking into the multi-billion-dollar Black Beauty Industry

Business Magnate Reuel-Azriel Is One Of The Up and Coming Male Entrepreneurs Of The Year.

Reuel has been an innovative-creator and is motivating younger entrepreneurs with his exceptional work ethic. His work portfolio includes some amazing brands and he has an amazing story to tell.
Reuel-Azriel is an Yisraeli-Ethiopian and French business entrepreneur. He attended Wheaton College in Norton, MA. majoring in Jewish Studies. Matriculating to Liberty University where he graduated with a Masters in Business Leadership and Management is where he obtained his working knowledge of issues related to the changes in technology, digitalization, and globalization.
As a corporate leader who is a visionary-leaders like him embrace change and inspire those around him to adhere.

With a working knowledge of issues, such as the role of business in society, the nature of corporate responsibility, business ethical practices, and the complex roles of government and business in the global economic communities. Reuel is equipped with the knowledge to assess an organization’s need for compliance and cultural diversity and inclusion.
Reuel has the competency and is a an experienced professional in matters of contracts, corporations, employment, intellectual property, international trade, leases, and business investment portfolio management. His new indie brand Skinvious and its parent company Zilévo alike have risen to the occasion, to be the premiere choice for go-to products for women and men of color. Spearheaded by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Reuel-Azriel, the companies goal is to, “Create great skin care products for the world to covet”.

Although his company particularly addresses the specific needs of women and men of color. Skinvious debuts products suitable to various skin colors. Their mission, is not to focus on the imperfections of the skin but on the skin you want to present to the world. “Skin you can Envy”!
Having to sort through a limited selection of products in the “ethnic” beauty section in our local drugstores. Skinvious-A Zilévo Helath & Beauty Company hopes to become the number one leading cosmetic brand worldwide. With expansion into the Middle East, Africa and European markets, Reuel contends that Skinvious and Zilévo would put him at the top of the list, with a brand value worth of about 11 billion U.S. dollars.

According to, The Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Journal, African American women spent $7.5 billion per year on beauty products with 80 percent more money on cosmetics and twice as much on skincare than their mainstream non-black counterparts. . According to Nielsen, African-Americans currently hold a buying power of $1 trillion, a number that’s estimated to reach $1.7 trillion by 2021. And they’re excessively spending a majority of those bills on cosmetics, spending nine times more on ethnic-targeted beauty and grooming products than the general market.
Skinvious ‘s market entry strategy is embedded in their mission: to help men and women of color realize their potential, reach their aspirations, and to normalize beautification as an expression of ones unique individualism. Our vision is to offer each and every person around the world the best of hair care, skin care, and cosmetic applications that satisfies the unique identity and cultural experience of infinite diversity. The glory of creation is in our difference, and in that difference creates the true meaning of beauty. Thus, becoming a leader in a that will puncture the viability of entry

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