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Caroline Derpienski Polish and American celebrity model based in Miami delighted people during New York Fashion Week 2022

One of the most recognizable and famous model from Miami – Caroline Derpienski is dynamically developing her career in the USA. In just two years, she became the star of the best magazines, fashion shows and campaigns. Despite her young age, she can enjoy a group of 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

We could admire her in the January issue of “Playboy Africa” where she broke the taboo with Anastazia Karnikolau friend of Kylie Jenner, «Today Influencers» – Caroline was awarded as one of the best and most influencing influencers of the young generation right after Cam Holmes stars of «Too Hot To Handle S2» Netflix, we saw her also in “Glamour México”, “Marie Claire US ”…

The previous year also belonged to her. Her career has gained momentum since her debut at last year’s Miami Swim Week. She opened the first two of the four Swim Week’s days, and she has done the most fashion shows of any model. It is always the hottest time in the modeling industry of the year. The best models and the best designers come to Miami from all over the world to present exclusive beach fashion.

Her Slavic type of beauty, long shapely legs, athletic, healthy slim figure has become an icon of Miami. That’s why she landed in NY for her first New York Fashion Week last year. Caroline Derpienski became the face of the “Forever 21”. But the most exciting moment in her career was the biggest Billboard on the most famous street in the world – New York Time Square! Amazing photo of her was shown during NY FW 2021. She has become an inspiration and role model for all those who do not believe in their dreams yet. From an ordinary girl who was developing her modeling career as a teenager in Europe, she became IT Girl of US.

New York Fashion Week 2022 was an explosion of her talent.

She opened the Giannina Azar fashion show in a green dress made of luxurious crystals. Giannina’s designs are exclusively for celebrities, e.g. during the Cannes festival, Miss Universe, Grammy … The second day of the whole NY FW was opened by Caroline in the look of the «Breeoriginal» design a’la Victoria’s Secret. It was her best catwalk in New York. Derpienski’s beauty appealed to Indian designers, thanks to which Miami influencer opened the entire Indian fashion show. She was also not afraid to show her sex appeal and closed Mister Triple X’s amazing fashion show in a transparent shining dress. -„You can’t be afraid of your body if you work hard on it, ” says Caroline. For example, Paris Chilton also decided to work with this designer. We can see her in this month’s shoot in LA.

However, Caroline’s dream came true at a fashion show with puppies! She opened the show of Antoni Rubio with a white chihuahua. Has been appreciated by such magazines as: “Vogue”, “Vanity Fair” , “Harper Bazaar”… Fashion show which is also worth mentioning was «House of Mua Mua»- designer of Gwen Stefani, Aleksandra Ambrosio, Dove Cameron or Kim Kardashian! The Miami celebrity had to show her acting talent and create the atmosphere of Madonna, a liberated woman on the catwalk. Derpienski did it in an amazing way! There was also a pat on the butt of another model. Fashion is art, as is the movie world. Models play different roles depending on the designer’s vision.

Congratulations to our Miami Star Caroline Derpienski!