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Here’s How Sahil Jaskani Managed To Grow His Snapchat Pages To Around 2,5 Million Subscribers At 14 Years Of Age

Sahil Shafiq Jaskani is not your regular 14 year old kid. Sahil quickly realized that what traditional school education is teaching is not appropriate in the real world. He wanted to create a side hustle and did so by creating his very own Snapchat page when he was just 11 years old, he quoted “at first I didn’t know what I was doing but has for sure accumulated a bigger fanbase over the years”. The pages that he has managed to create and grow gets approximately 125 million views monthly.

In 2018 he created his first Snapchat page, lolz, which has over 600,000 Snapchat subscribers. All of his pages combined puts him at roughly 2,5 million subscribers. In an interview with Thrive Global he said — I researched methods on how to grow my social media pages and nothing really seemed to work. Some years later I found out what worked and what didn’t. I applied that strategy into my accounts and the following base were booming like crazy. People are different and I tried to create as many pages as I possibly could while knowing I could grow the page at the same time, which paid of in the long term. I simply didn’t give up posting content and that’s why my pages succeed in the end.

The secret behind Sahil success is “Keep pushing”. Sahil’s mantra shared the struggles of running a business. He explained how its such a headache, but no matter the problems, you must keep pushing.

Jaskani has got tremendous support from his followers across all social media platforms. Positivity is what Sahil loves to create through his content and he feels blessed to be born with all the latest advancements in technology. “Social Media can rightly be called as the mode of self-education. I got to learn a lot about it through the internet and not the books”, he ends.

Sahil is leveraging his personal Snapchat growth on top of his niche pages. Jaskani is doing this by adding a creative which has already been proved to work and is taking advantage of this by getting paid by multiple people to do the same for them.

He concludes this by explaining that it was a long process and took him a lot of time but at the end of the day it was worth it since he now is automating the process and making it easier for himself by driving people back and forth across all of his pages. “I own a total of 80+ Snapchat pages in 9 different categories, Sahil ends.”

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