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Jackeline Cacho, Latina Multimedia Icon Receives Prestigious Recognition from the Los Angeles Times

The Queen of Edutainment in Spanish language programming nationwide, successful author and  internationally renowned speaker, Jackeline Cacho receives yet another distinction for her work

The award-winning journalist Jackeline Cacho was recently  recognized by the prestigious Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing team as a nominee for  The Inspirational Women Forum and Awards” in acknowledgement of her noteworthy success and  accomplishments. 

And what are some successes and accomplishments of the Multimedia Star that make her eligible  for a nomination as an inspirational woman? 

Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, on September 15th, Jackeline launched a new, revolutionary  financial literacy education campaign through an online series entitled “TODOS GANAMOS”. The series  shares financial secrets with Latino families in the United States, making it accessible to all, so that they  can achieve generational wealth and financial prosperity. She recognizes that the Latino community is  made up of many entrepreneurs and small business owners who need the resources to continue on their  path to success.

Another milestone for the TV personality and producer this year is the celebration of the 10th anniversary  of her highly acclaimed television program two-time Emmy nominee “Jackeline Cacho Presenta  Triunfo Latino” which highlights the Latino experience for viewers in over 20 of the United States, as  well as Mexico, Central and South America on her YouTube channel JACKELINE CACHO TV. Her weekly Online program “Jackeline Cacho LIVE” covers the extraordinary stories of the Latin  American population in the United States. Jackeline Cacho herself candidly shares the story of her  immigrant roots, becoming a beauty queen, and obstacles that she has faced on the path to her many  accomplishments. 

Jackeline Cacho also continues to support noble causes like The Spotlight Initiative”, a collaborative  effort between the United Nations and the European Union aimed at ending all forms of violence  against women and girls by 2030. In 2018, she was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the launch of  the Spotlight Initiative at the United Nations. As a spokesperson and Spotlight Champion, she visited  Mexico to draw awareness to the cause of ending femicide throughout Latin America. 

Among the many international honors Jackeline Cacho has received is an award she was given in Israel  at the International Women Leaders Conference in May 2018, for her leadership qualities. In addition, in March 2020, came the release of her book Mi Mochila Emocional, featured in People en Español l(March 2020). It delivers the Latina star’s coping mechanisms at a time when many  members of her audience were fighting anxiety and panic attacks – two of the health issues described in  the debut of her first book, released at the onset of the pandemic.  

Jackeline’s popularity (her followers exceed over 150K impressions on social media daily) reflects the  passion of her audience as well. “I have interviewed Latinas from different ages and backgrounds, from  different origins and levels of assimilation, and they all have something in common: the passion for what  they do and the hunger to succeed in life,” she says with a smile. 

The key to Jackeline Cacho’s success is partially due to her ability to connect with her audience on so  many levels. Her humility and charisma have opened doors for her all over the world.

 Cacho credits her many triumphs to having a tight knit group of supporters, the tight bond she has with her  mother Carmen Cacho, having faith to guide her in her daily life and the unconditional support and love  of her husband, producer Thene Muciño who has been supporting all her endeavors professionally. With a new chapter ahead of her, recognition from the Los Angeles Times, the breakthrough financial  literacy educational series, the 10th anniversary of Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino and the  release of her book “Mi Mochila Emocional”, the two-time Emmy Award nominee continues to leave 

Her mark on audiences around the globe. Always inspirational – and always a warrior, Jackeline Cacho  battles for the empowerment of the Latino community through education and perseverance.  

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About JC Jackeline Cacho

The Queen of Edutainment in Spanish language programming nationwide, successful author and internationally renowned speaker.

JC is a Multimedia Influencer, and creator of the Edutainment Movement in Spanish programming in  United States, award winning journalist Jackeline Cacho is making headlines with her 2-time EMMY Nominated National TV Show, “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino” celebrating 10 Years inspiring  our Latino community around the country, The program is airing across 20 of the most important Latino  markets in the USA on the VME TV network. 

The Latina Icon also connects in real time with her own weekly show, «Jackeline Cacho LIVE” every week  through all her social media platforms with over 150k visitors daily. 

She released her autobiography, “Mi Mochila Emocional” that has been selected for the Good Reading  Section of the prestigious magazine “People en Español.” 

JC has been recognized is a humanitarian Journalist working as Ambassador «Spotlight Champion» for United Nations, the European Union and World-renowned motivational Speaker.

as  a nominee for the Inspirational Women Forum and Awards in acknowledgement of her noteworthy  success and accomplishments. 

Jackeline Cacho has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including: • The Latinas in Business Organization chose her as “2019 Entrepreneur of the Month” in New  York. 

• In 2018, she was named an ambassador for the “Spotlight Initiative in Latin America,” which  was supported by the United Nations and European Union. California 

• Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez named Jackeline Cacho “Woman of the Year in Media” in  2016. 

• She received La Opinion Newspaper’s “Outstanding Women of the Year” 2015 award. More information: