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Jaime Lee Simmons, Tragedy to Comedy

Hailing from Mull, Massachusetts, Jaime Lee Simmons is a stand up comedian, podcast host, content creator and survivor.

She had to mature and grow up at an early age as she watched her father, Eric M. Simmons, a well known Boston Stone Mason, get addicted to his back painkiller medication which spiraled into him becoming a prescription /opiate drug lord on the south shore. She had to spend her high school years with both her sister, Jessica Ann Simmons, and her father in jail.

Her sister and father passed away from drug overdoses, and her family fell apart. She had to help raise her siblings while maintaining a 4.39 high school GPA and she turned to marketing & social media as her way out of poverty and pain. Jaime wrote a poem about her father as a class assignment to write about someone in the news.

She wrote in part: Your words, too fast off your tongue and onto the newspaper website, your convictions fly, the ignorant townspeople’s comments along with them.

Jaime graduated at 18 with high honors from Hull High School in June and was ranked 6th in a class of 74 students.

This experience was extremely traumatic but made Jaime the strong woman she is today.From being severely bullied not only students, but she received it from people in her hometown and was faced with her family’s situation constantly on the front page of every local newspaper. 

Jaime didn’t let this stop her and she went on to graduate from the University of Vermont and has now graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science.

Ater college she worked as a bartender & started her career at ThriveHive, the top digital marketing agency in Boston, Massachusetts . She has 4 years experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant working with 100s of businesses across the country to grow their revenue using a custom paid digital ad strategy. While working her way up in the company and being promoted 3x in 3 years and becoming the number one sales rep in her office, winning president club 2x in a row.

Jaime started doing comedy on the side to make friends, within 8 months she had her first headlining stand-up gig, where she was noticed by Joey CoCo Diaz & mentioned on his podcast.

In June 2021, she appeared on shows at the Haha Comedy Club in LA with Jeffery Ross, Tony Rock, Jessimae Peluso, Brian Scolaro, and Doug Bensen.

Started an OnlyFans March 2020, quit ThriveHive June 2020 to pursue Stand-Up Comedy and social media full time. 

As the Co-host of 2 girls, 1 blunt podcast she is well known for her relatability and knack of sharing her life. We commend her strength and notability in turning pain into power.

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