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Lovely Roses has the most stunning flower arrangements to surprise a loved one for this Christmas

Christmas is here and this is a Holiday meant to spark joy and happiness, to bring families together, and of course, to choose wonderful gifts for the ones we love. Roses are one of those timeless gifts that would make anyone smile, be it a family member, a partner, or even just a friend that needs a little bit of happiness, so why not choose the most beautiful roses from the best florist in all of Miami? Erika Mejía’s brand, Lovely Roses, has the most stunning flower arrangements to surprise a loved one for this Christmas.

The best gifts are the ones that last for a long time, and Erika Mejía knew this when she decided to become an expert in the technique of rose preservation, allowing her clients to keep the most beautiful and elegant flower arrangements for years, always reminding them of the person who gave them this wonderful gift.

Erika Mejía, also known as the Queen of Roses, is a Honduran immigrant that managed to achieve the American Dream through hard work and with her immense talent to make the most stunning flower arrangements. What makes her work so special is that her chemically preserved roses are not only elegant and luxurious but that they can live up to 3 years, looking as beautiful as the very first day they were bought. 

To bring a little bit of Christmas spirit to 2020, the Queen of Roses has made exclusive Christmas flower arrangements, hoping that her roses can bring happiness and a smile to everyone in this difficult year. Even though many people have not been able to be with their loved ones during this Christmas, sending one of these flower arrangements to those you love is one of the best Christmas gifts, as these roses have a long life-span and look so luxurious that they have even caught the attention of renowned celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, and even Luis Fonsi.

Lovely Roses has become one of the most famous flower shops in all of Miami, and Erika Mejía has become an example for all of the hard-working women and Latin American immigrants of the world.

The talented Queen of roses shares her wonderful talent with the world to bring happiness to many households this Christmas. Make your loved ones happy, give them roses that last for many years, give them a unique special gift that will make them smile every time they see it, Lovely Roses has the perfect Christmas gift.