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New restaurant management guide to help succeed after 2020

The next several years will be no sweat for hospitality business owners who keep themselves updated with the new trends and are hot to trot for an innovative approach towards restaurant management. Adina Brunetti’s free eBook and audiobook «Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion» is a valuable resource that plays a pivotal role for restaurant owners who want to establish a restaurant, survive the challenging times, and get an edge over other competitors.

In nearly every area of the restaurant’s external and internal work, various aspects of marketing will be found. There is no denying that the path to getting profit is challenging; however, you can only achieve success if you follow comprehensive step-by-step instructions provided by an author on the basis of her own experience and work results.

The book is well organized in parts and chapters; however, one can start reading it from any part they want. You can find any topic from the Table of Contents and start studying the one you find most interesting. In order to make this book interesting to the readers, Adina Brunetti make use of uncomplicated and simple language, unlike a «business book textbook» style which can bore the readers.

Adina Brunetti is the founder of Adina Creative Food. Her team helps to open restaurants, operate hospitality businesses, and promote. But one of the most popular tasks of Adina and her team is to do a rebranding, revive unsuccessful businesses and give them a second chance. When 2020 events started, she decided that it was a time to share her knowledge and expertise to help restaurant businesses survive and succeed in the new reality.

 The first big part of the book describes the steps of opening a restaurant, from creating a concept and brand to opening your doors for the first time. This part is told from a marketing perspective.

The second part goes deeper into marketing strategy and the main tools to promote your restaurant. All marketing tools are divided into circles, such as: inside the restaurant, exterior, and surrounding areas, within walking distance from the restaurant. Each circle has its own set of promotion tools. Social media marketing, digital marketing, and online reputation are finishing the circle structure.

The bonus part of the book is called «Restaurant Trends 2020-2030.» Here you can read about digital penetration into the hospitality industry, influence marketing, other trends in b2c marketing overall.

No matter if you are a business owner aiming for points of control in your restaurant project or a waiter who is striving to achieve growth in your career, the book «Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion» can prove to be helpful for you.

As per Adina Brunetti, «Marketing work should be ongoing, not on a case-by-case basis. The reality around us is ever-changing. What seemed like a wonderful idea to us yesterday may turn out to be useless mothballs tomorrow. Our challenge is not only to respond in a timely manner to changes but also — ideally — to anticipate them with our actions.»

This is a phenomenal analog to various restaurant marketing courses that can help you save precious time and money and ultimately attain a thorough understanding of how to win customer loyalty and keep your restaurant filled with guests.

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