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Nikki Mahana, The Girl Who’s On A Mission To Save Our Oceans

Florida’s own content creator, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life coach Nikki Mahana is on a mission and one that will benefit all of us. 

With four certifications in personal training, Nikki Mahana began her ventures as a personal trainer but knew a greater calling needed her attention. 

Now focussing on her content creation, Nikki Mahana donates 10% of her Onlyfans earning to help save our oceans. Her favorite organizations and the ones she feels are doing the best work for mother earth are the Coral Restoration Foundation and Friends For Sharks. 

Nikki Mahana isn’t just any Onlyfans content creator; the driven philanthropist is in the top 0.01% of creators on the platform. Considering herself a real-life mermaid, Nikki Mahana uses the profits she gets from «taking pictures in my silly little bikinis» to make a difference on a much larger scale. 

Nikki Mahana started her online journey at 18-years-old, and fast-forward to today; the 22-year-old content creator was recently named a Playboy Centerfold Bunny. Beyond this, Nikki Mahana strives to spread the importance of loving and caring for the only two homes we will ever have, our body and our earth. 

The future is brighter than ever for the dedicated philanthropist and content creator, and she urges all of us to do what we can to save our dying planet. 

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