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The Award-Winning Branding Agency, Artistic Initiative Agency Is Spotted in Miami

Someone can tell me what Artistic Initiative Agency was doing strolling through Brickell Avenue.

The founder of Artistic Initiative Agency, one of the fastest-growing social media marketing agencies of 2021, and two members of his team landed at the Miami International Airport on Thursday afternoon. Cameras on hand and backpacks loaded, the Artistic Initiative team was spotted touring Brickell City Center later that night. 

The founder and his team flew from Atlanta, GA, to Miami, FL, ahead of an exclusive mastermind conference conducted by two of the agency’s most prominent clients, which was to take place on January 14-15. Though not everything was work for the team of Artistic Initiative.

Between the long days of filming and the late afternoons editing, the Artistic Initiative team found some time to explore the most iconic landmarks of the Magic City and dine with some of the city’s corporate heavy hitters.

On Friday, the founder and his creative team were spotted taking a late-night tour of South Beach, near Gianni Versace’s Mansion. In a true Miami fashion, the founder was rocking a colorful Versace shirt to commemorate the visit and pay his respects to the fashion legend.

In their night tour, the Artistic Initiative team did not miss the opportunity to film content for their Instagram page. As habitual, the founder and his team were with their cameras on hand, recording each other as they bounced up the emblematic Ocean Drive. 

Are we going to see a Miami vlog on the Artistic Initiative IG page in the coming weeks?

On Saturday, after finishing filming the second day of the conference, the Artistic Initiative team had the rest of the evening at their disposal to visit other parts of the city. 

The founder and his team were seen on Hobie Island doing a photoshoot session with the William M. Powell bridge and the distant lights of downtown Miami in the background. Then, the Artistic Initiative team hopped on their rented sporty BMW and drove all the way to Wynwood. On their visit, the team did not miss the chance of getting pictures of the stunning street murals of the art district.

Later that night, the founder and his team were spotted dining at a luxurious restaurant on Brickell Point; however, they were not eating alone. Two of Miami’s banking and real estate heavy hitters were sitting at the same table with the Artistic Initiative team. Between glasses of wine, none of the five stopped laughing during the entire dinner.

After Artistic Initiative opened an office in Atlanta and another in Houston, TX, in 2021, it would not be surprising if the agency opens a third location in the Sunshine State in the coming months.

Finally, the Artistic Initiative team had an opportunity to get a tan before departing back to Atlanta on Sunday. The founder and his team paid a second visit to the white beaches of South Beach to enjoy a day of sand, sun, and blue ocean. 

Now, we will have to wait for the Miami vlog to see what the Artistic Initiative Agency team was up to.