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Thy Royal Tees: Combines Spiritual And Cultural Elements To Bring More Meaning Behind Apparel

Shonta Archie, founder of Thy Royal Tees and B.E.A.U.T.Y Scholars has only been more motivated through this pandemic. She was inspired to create a brand that catered to individual causes, needs and culture. While working as a Registered Nurse in Oakland, Ca she heard one of her patients speak on how there is no apparel that made her feel spiritual and empowered. Shonta could relate. That same day Shonta started envisioning her own brand. She sat and figured out how she could serve others in a new way. Not only has she started a brand to help others feel better about themselves, but she is an intellectual individual who holds a bachelor’s degree in African American Studies with a minor in Human Development. Her expertise within culture and human studies will be a huge help to her on this journey.

Although this pandemic has been hard for a lot of businesses, Shonta is happy finding her businesses sole purpose and staying true to her brand. By offering a wide variety of products she is able to expand her brand. Thy Royal Tees is absolutely true to what it stands for. She has been an exceptional and key figure within her own community’s growth. She is very proud of her deep commitment in fostering exceptional levels of education and empowering kids within her community. Making a positive impact brings her great joy.

Shonta is culturally aware and has a deep connection with God. She seeks to only spread light and love the best way she can. Her creative intuitiveness will only help her business continue to thrive. Her brand combines cultural and spiritual elements as most of us believe these two go hand in hand with one another. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart even when  you have no plan. She let God be her guidance as she took on this business idea. She had faith. With that faith she has been able to start creating a better plan of action so the business can be more successful.

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