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Fun talk with pop star Van Hechter- before he returns to Canada!

M: We heard you’d extended your stay in Florida- from 4 weeks to 9… We’re gald to have you, but, what happened?

Van: Well I fell in madly in love- and that love ended up an awful disaster… I’m still glad I am staying longer though… I always come here to write and think. I try to visit once a year. I never expected a total thunderbolt/can barely breathe/heart palpitating/once in a lifetime type encounter!!! But it happened and the whole thing blew up in my face a few weeks later. It happens…

M: I’m sorry!! Any comments?

Van: Erhmmm, ok… Anyone who tells me that they have strong feelings for me by a pool on an afternoon — only to dump my via text message the next morning is beneath me. I have no time for emotional cheapness.
M: Wow! You’re rough!
Van: What choice do I have???

M: Right! – Your album »Love Elastic» is doing well on Spotify, especially the title track and a second single »I Believe»; why do you think THIS album is getting you more fans?

Van: I always write from the heart but I think that my music partner Eryck Wyseman and I really work as a band now– although I am a solo act. We’ve come into ourselves musically, together. No one bosses anyone around; it’s truly a team effort- no ego involved. I think people hear it. We’ve also developped a sound that is unique to us- truly modern although reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s. Then I slap on silly lyrics that are a bit deep if you really pay attention. Voilà!

M: You are French-Georgian, what do you like about North America?? You spend your time between Montreal, New York City and visit us once a year! What’s up with that?

Van: I feel free here. I get to do what I want, I get to be totally who I am. Europe is charming, beautiful, people are more sophisticated, there’s art everywhere BUT outcasts like I are allowed to build dreams and live magical lives here…

M: You wrote and sung the theme song for a short comedy film entitled »Poly Andrew»… It’s getting international recognition at the moment; how did that come about?

Van: I’m always up for adventure! My friend Fred Khur asked me very casually after I’d been on his talk-show; »D’you wanna give me ‘Love & Music’ — I have a movie coming out about modern love- I’d like to use your song–??»
I said yes on the spot. And WOW »Poly Andrew» is winning award after award! I am thrilled!

M: You say that Floridians treat you so well- how do you mean??

Van: I can’t walk 2 blocks without someone saying something nice to me here. This has been going on for years– it’s a mutual attraction. I would have a gazillion children if I lived here, probably…

M: What’s on your schedule until February 15th?

Van: I just returned from Palm Springs — and I am now in Fort Lauderdale for 6 days with the phone off- just gazing at the sea, absorbing the sunlight…