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When a troubadour and a night prince meet by accident-LGBTQ pop songs are created! Learn all about »Disco Brother» and the meaning behind it!

Wherever he goes, he gets special treatment… His sense of style, his posh disposition, and his humor-have made NYC fall in love with him over the last few years… Chauncey Dandridge on the other hand is a rascal… He is an activist, a DJ, a fighter… He crowbars himself into circles, he makes things happen. NYC has known him for more than a decade now. And he is just getting started! What do these two seemingly opposite characters have in common?? The love of music… And they’ve just come up with an intoxicating LGBTQ-themed pop track entitled »Disco Brother»…

What is the song about?

V: Chosen families, sacred bonds, solidarity and silliness!

C: “Disco Brother” is one of those songs with two meanings. The heart of it is the beautiful relationship between two people from different worlds, connected through music. The broader meaning is unity and brotherhood that is so necessary within the LGBTQ community in order to conquer our enemies and live happily ever after

Musically, how would you describe it?

C: Eryck, our producer, really channeled the true essence of the magic of disco through a modern lens. It’s a little bit Sylvester, a little bit Lipps Inc, and a little bit early Scissor Sisters.

V: If a unicorn flew above a rainbow throwing glitter at the world—- that would be the track!

Twice in the song, you guys mention your friendship was an accident…

V: Yes – well-Chauncey thought he was meeting someone else from a label that had a similar name as mine (Isotop)… I waltzed in during his DJ set thinking he knew who I was, he didn’t. But we bonded instantly. I say this all the time; we text daily. That’s wild! Really like brothers!

C: Yes, the wonders of technology accidentally brought us together, as Van described. I started following the wrong record label on Instagram, but in the long run, it turned out to be the right one! It was kismet from the start.

Tell us something about the video that you haven’t said before…

C: The funniest part about the video is that Van decided who my love interest would be. I had no say in the matter. I just showed up and had to pretend. Just kidding. He made a great choice. There was also another kaftan I was supposed to wear, but it didn’t make the cut.

V: The Big Coconut Guesthouse-where we filmed-belongs to a friend, David Medici. His staff, Thomas, Pete, and Phil, have become friends too. Over the years that gang has seen me in love out of love in love again, devastated, elated, with 5 boyfriends at the same time— NAME IT! I always seem to go completely bonkers at that resort! I don’t know why. It’s the setting, I guess… I could write 3 books just from the »Coconut» stories… Shooting a video, there was an obvious choice of location. I knew we’d all get very silly there. And we did!

What is the broader meaning behind »Disco Brother»?

V: Unity, man! Unity! We mustn’t divide over technicalities! We mustn’t let our guard down, either, in a false belief that our hard-won rights are acquired for good. Only 53 years ago, we were criminals. We mustn’t forget! We are so strong when we stick together!

C: Look out for each other. Share knowledge. Communicate. Keep an eye on one another. It’s a scary world out there for us, especially for members of the trans community. Politicians all around the world, not just in the U.S., are painting us to be something to fear and hate and even kill.

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